Learn how to get cut the bodybuilding way

Learn how to get cut the bodybuilding way

“What is your fitness goal?” is probably one of the most popular questions you would get when you first start working out.

Depending on what your goal and aspirations are, there are different ways of achieving your fitness goals.

For some, it’s all about losing weight and staying healthy.  But for others, it’s all about bulking or cutting.

Both bulking and cutting are usually done by bodybuilders.  However, these have also be adopted by fitness enthusiasts the world over.

Bulking usually involves adding more muscle mass to the body while minimizing the fat gain.  Cutting, on the other hand, is all about preserving muscles to give you more definition and getting as lean as you can.  It’s also about burning fat that results in more muscle definition.

If you’re leaning towards the latter, then consider yourself lucky!  Today you will learn how to get cut the bodybuilding way!

Get cut or die trying

The road to achieving the body you have always wanted won’t be easy.  There will be so many changes in your life that you really have to commit yourself to your fitness goal.

If you have the desire to get cut, you have to train and work hard.  A trip to the gym once or twice a week certainly won’t “cut” it!

According to a professional trainer in London, it is ideal to train at least three times a week if you want to reach your fitness goals and to stay fit and healthy.  However, if you are free and willing to spend more hours in the gym working out, then it’s all up to you! Just remember to not overdo your workout and stress yourself.

As we have mentioned, if you want to get cut the bodybuilding way, you have to incorporate the following in your workout routine.

Stick to your cutting diet

Since cutting involves gaining lean muscles and burning fat fast, you have to commit to not only your intense workout but also a strict diet.

While it may sound like a lot of work, you will get the hang of tracking your macronutrients or what we refer to as the carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats you put in your body.

Try sticking to a fiber-rich carb meal – include green veggies, whole grains like oats and wheat and starch-rich food like potatoes and yams.

Prepare to eat at least 5-6 times a day.  This keeps your metabolism up and running, giving you more opportunity to burn calories all throughout the day. You can time your meals every 3-4 hours.

Workout routine

When it comes to a cut bodybuilding inspired work out, we have to focus on two aspects – cardio and weights.

Some people have the notion that when it comes to cutting, you have to do a lot of either cardio or weightlifting.  The key here is to not to overdo either one of these routines.


Since you are aiming to get more lean muscles, make sure you incorporate weight lifting or resistance training in your work out.

When you lift heavy weights, the body becomes stressed, triggering the muscles to work hard to become bigger and stronger.

And aside from weightlifting, you should be able to add these to your routine as they help in building muscles and burning calories:

  • Lunges,
  • Squats,
  • Rows,
  • Deadlifts
  • And bench presses


Workout routines are never without cardio exercises.  However, when it comes to cardio, you have to make sure you don’t do too much.  According to one study, overdoing cardio in the form of a long and vigorous workout can damage the heart.

A perfect example of a cardio exercise that would significantly help you reach the cutting goal you have is by running.  If you’re doing 30-60 minute runs, then we suggest you stick to that. This helps in reducing fat and muscle loss but not to the point of affecting the muscle mass.

Keep track of your progress

Just like the cutting diet that you are tracking, you should also be able to keep track of everything else.

By keeping track of your progress and your diet and measuring your body weight and fat, it will be easier for you to figure out what works and what does not for your body.

It will give you a better outlook on how far you have come and how well you are doing.

Achieving your fitness goal made easy

At first glance, the goal to get cut looks and sounds very difficult.  While there are some aspects that are going to be hard in the beginning, the more that you do it and the more disciplined you are, the easier things will be.

And now that you have learned how to get cut using the tried and tested bodybuilding methods, it’s time to build strengthen your desire, commitment, and discipline to reach your cutting fitness goal.

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