Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review – The Sporty Fitness Tracker

Because kids nowadays would rather stay indoors to play games on their mobile devices, you want something that can help them do outdoor activities while tracking what they are doing. If your child tends to love sports, he/she will love the Lintelek Fitness Tracker.

After reading more about the Lintelek Fitness Tracker, I realized that is something that adults can also use. To that end, I had to try it on myself to see if it is something my child can use. So if you are interested in knowing more about what I think, then read my review.

A brief overview of the product

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a fitness tracker made by Lintelek, which specializes in gadgets and technologies related to fitness. To that end, you can tell that the Lintelek Fitness Tracker was specifically made to be a fitness companion you should have on your wrist. It has a lot of features that assist your fitness goals aside from simply tracking your progress.

On top of that, it functions well as a companion watch because of how you can use it to answer calls and messages. Simply put, it comes with a lot of features not all other fitness trackers have.

Who is this product for?

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker was not designed solely for kids. Instead, it was actually made for adult men and women but is usable by kids as well. Because it was specifically designed to be a supreme fitness tracker, child athletes can benefit from the many features it has. However, your child does not need to be an athlete to use this. If you want him/her to follow an active lifestyle early in his/her formative years, it is a great companion for your child to have on his/her wrist as it tracks different types of activities as well as his/her heart rate.

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Key features and benefits

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  • Track your child’s different workouts

The one thing that makes the Lintelek Fitness Tracker stand out is that it has a multi-sports tracking system that tracks your child’s different workouts. So whether he/she is running, biking, swimming, or simply staying active, this fitness tracker will able to track your child’s progress. In fact, it has 14 different sports modes you can choose depending on your child’s workout.

  • All-day heart rate monitoring

Unlike most fitness trackers, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker comes with a built-in heart rate monitor that will monitor your child’s heart rate the entire day all from his/her wrists. It is quite accurate and is able to give you effective data you can use to adjust your child’s daily activities as well as his/her diet and sleep to improve his/her heart health.

  • Track’s location

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker has a connected GPS tracking that allows it to connect to your child’s mobile device for it to track his/her location and to show the route on the app on the mobile device. This can help you know where your child is and how far he/she has traveled during his/her workout.

  • Receive calls and texts

You do not want your child to be constantly distracted during his/her workouts when he/she is getting calls and texts from a mobile device. In that sense, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker allows your child to answer calls and check messages via the fitness tracker itself so he/she does not have to take his/her phone out during workouts.

  • Exercise in water

With an IP67 waterproof rating, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker will surely be able to handle underwater exercises and workouts. So if your child prefers swimming over any other exercise, he/she can still wear the Lintelek Fitness Tracker even when underwater. That means that you can still track your child’s progress while he/she is swimming.

  • Comes in different colors that suit your child’s style

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is not your boring monochromatic type of fitness tracker. Instead, it comes in six different colors to make sure that they fit your child’s sense of style. So if your child has a favorite color, he/she can choose a Lintelek Fitness Tracker color that fits his/her preference. That means that your child can stay in style while wearing this fitness tracker on his/her wrist.

What we like

  • Made for adult men and women but can be worn by kids as well.
  • Has a multi-sports mode that tracks 14 different types of workouts.
  • Looks trendy and stylish especially because you can choose from six different colors.

What we don’t like

  • The companion app is not the best and tends to load slowly.
  • The companion app is very quick to drain your phone’s battery.
  • It is not the most accurate when counting steps and measuring distance.

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FAQ and additional tips

  • Does it count calories burned?

Yes. By using the companion app on your mobile device, you can see how many calories your child has burned while wearing this fitness tracker.

  • Can you replace the wristband?

If your child wants to mix and match his/her Lintelek Fitness Tracker wristband color, you can simply purchase different wristband colors online and change the one on your fitness tracker.

  • Does it work with any phone?

Whether you are using iOS or Android, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker’s companion app works.

  • How long does one charge last?

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker only needs to be charged for one hour. Its battery will last for a minimum of four days and a maximum of about a week. That means that you will only be charging it for a while but you can use it for a handful of days.

Final Verdict

At a price range of $30 to $40, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker really is very affordable. However, did it sacrifice quality? Maybe. It is not very accurate when tracking your activities and the companion app tends to be faulty and slow. It does have a lot of features you and your child can use so it makes up for its glaring recommend this because it is very affordable and has a lot of good features. But if you are looking for something more accurate, it isn’t the best for you and your child.

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