Lintelek Upgraded Version ID115PLUSHR Review

Everyone wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle by getting in more sleep and physical activity in a day. Doing so can be a real challenge due to work or family commitments. Fortunately, the Lintelek ID115PLUSHR Fitness Tracker’s functions and features can get you started on your own fit lifestyle road.

Lintelek makes fitness engaging and rewarding with its ID115PLUSHR Fitness Tracker. Apart from monitoring your health status, the fitness watch has a variety of features that anyone with a smartphone will enjoy.

Who is this product for?

As you can expect from a Fitness Tracker, the device is for people who want to monitor their heartbeat or know if they are getting enough hours of sleep. You can still get the most out of the device with its useful functions such as an alarm that notifies you when to stand up after sitting for a prolonged period.

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Main features and functions

  • Health monitor

The primary function of the Lintelek watch is its heart rate monitor. The sensor underneath the LCD display keeps track of your heartbeat. The ID115PLUSHR also count the calories you burn, a number of steps taken, and distance covered. You can see this record on the Lintelek Fitness Tracker app. The device will also alert you if your heart rate goes over the limit.

The other health monitor function of the ID115PLUSHR is its sleep tracker. This device can track how much sleep you get in a day. It can also track other data as you wear the Lintelek watch while lying in bed.

  • Sports modes

Sports mode is more of an activity tracker that measures your total input for certain exercises. If you set it for hiking or running, the ID115PLUSHR will count the number of your steps and calories you burned. With the GPS functionality, the watch can also determine the distance you cover for the activity.

  • Buckle fastener

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker uses a buckle fastener to secure the watch to your wrist. Other health watch uses a simple fastener that involves pins snagging onto a hole. The problem with this type of fastener is how easy it is to unlatch the watch from the holes. This is a big flaw when it comes to using a health monitor while doing physical activities that involves plenty of fast movement. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about the Lintelek Fitness Tracker flying away from your wrist while doing various physical activities

  • Sleep monitor

The Lintelek automatically records the number of hours you sleep while wearing the device. What makes this feature unique is how it can automatically determine if you are in a shallow or deep sleep state. Deep sleep is what everyone wants to achieve since this is when our body naturally heals. The device will tell you if you are getting enough of it or if you need to work on getting some quality sleep for the night.

  • Alarm vibration

The alarm from the device is in the form of strong vibration. This is great for alerting only the user and not anyone else. You can set the device to wake you up in the morning or to start on your workout schedules. You can even set the alarm to keep you from sitting for more than an hour. Being sedentary in any chair is bad for anyone’s health and many of our review team is guilty of this. Thanks to the Lintelek watch, we are reminded to take a short walk or simply stand up after one to two hours.

  • SMS and call notifications

The device will send you alert for any calls or messages that your phone receive. You will also see part of the message appear on the screen as well as the caller ID of the person reaching your phone. If you do not want this feature active, you can turn off the notifications via the device’s app. The Lintelek Fitness Tracker manual can show you how.

  • Remote camera

A fun feature of the ID115PLUSHR is its ability to act as a wireless selfie stick for your phone. Simply aim it in any direction you want and press the screen to trigger the camera.

  • Replaceable bands

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker has six different band colors available. This adds a customizable look to your fitness tracker that you can proudly display when hitting the gym or going on a jog. In addition, you get an additional band with the Lintelek watch. This is great when you need a replacement in the future.

Another aspect of the band to note is its material. It does not have any irritant or edges that dig into your skin. The comfortability of the watch makes it easy to wear the Lintelek device at all times.

  • Design

The fitness watch has a durable casing that can withstand small bumps and certain physical damages. Durability is a good trait since the Fitness Tracker major functions are for outdoor use.

The Lintelek watch has an IP67 waterproof rating. This means that the device’s housing can keep water from leaking in when you submerge it in a small body of water. Both traits make this Lintelek tracker sturdy enough to withstand the elements such as rain or passing a creek.

  • Battery

The device’s battery can last for five to seven days of moderate use. Charging the unit involves removing the band to reveal the charge plug that connects to nearly any USB port. Charging from zero to full capacity takes around two hours to complete.

  • Compatibility

To use all of the device’s features, you need to have the Lintelek app on your phone. The app is compatible with Android phones that have an OS version of 4.4 or above. However, the phone will not work with Samsung’s J series phone and certain devices like the Galaxy Tab A tablet.

The app also works with Apple devices that have an iOS version of 7.1 or above. These devices include the iPhone 4, iPad Mini 2, and iPod Touch 5.

What we like

  • Sports mode trackers
  • Buckle fastener
  • Waterproof design
  • Alarm vibration alert
  • Multiple colored bands
  • Long battery life

What we do not like

  • Cannot answer calls

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the watch work while swimming?

Even with an IP 67 waterproof rating, the device is not completely water resistant. Taking the watch with you to a certain depth can lead to moisture leaks appearing inside the housing due to water pressure.

  • Do you need to have your phone with you at all times while using the Lintelek Fitness Tracker?

The ID115PLUSHR will still track your health and physical activity progress even if you turn off your phone. The data is within the device. When you are near your active phone, the device will synchronize the data to the app via Bluetooth

  • Can you answer calls with the device?

No. the ID115PLUSHR does not have the same function as a Bluetooth headset. However, it can show you the caller ID to let you know who is reaching you.

  • What is the range of fitness tracker’s Bluetooth signal?

The Lintelek device’s Bluetooth range can reach up to 30 ft.

  • Will the Lintelek Fitness Tracker work with other apps?

The device will only work with the VeryFitPro app. Follow the Lintelek Fitness Tracker instructions to know how to install the compatible app to your phone. This fitness watch will not work with other Fitness Tracker software or other health apps.


The Lintelek ID115PLUSHR delivers in its health monitoring functions despite its economic price. With the sports mode function, you form a record of accomplishments that will make you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The device also goes beyond just recording your sleep hours by showing you the percentage of shallow and deep sleep.

The battery is also a major hit for us with its optimal power management. Our unit is able to monitor our heartbeat and send us message alerts for nearly seven whole days straight without needing any recharge.

We even left the device alone for three weeks and it still has 20 percent of power left. Charging the device is also a treat. It only takes one to two hours for the battery to reach full capacity. We also did not need to plug in any cable since the watch has a built-in connector that lets us plug the ID115PLUSHR to any USB port.

The only shortcoming of the device is its inaccurate sensor in measuring your steps or calories. However, it can still keep track of your heart rate and the progress you made in a day. These functions including the phone notifications make the Lintelek Fitness Tracker worth buying.

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