illiard Double-Grip Medicine Ball Review

Keep the Strength through its Core: The Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball Review

Staying fit is everyone’s mantra. We always want to lose calories and become the best version of ourselves. That is why it’s important that we regularly do exercise and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of any form of illnesses. The Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball is an ultra-powerful workout tool. It’s sturdy workout equipment versatile into highly intensive training and exercises.

We all wanted to know more about this equipment, right? Check out my review to know more of it.

Brief Overview of the Product

Milliard is a leading manufacturer on several accessories, and equipment used in homes. It’s a US family brand generating only world-class products from beddings, toys, to kitchen utensils and fitness tools.

Along with their fitness line of goods, the company’s Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball is a must-have. It’s a thoroughly studied and designed medicine ball suited for use on daily workout routine within your homes or spaces. It’s an all-in-one medicine ball equipped with versatility, power, and strength.

Who is this Product for?

Everyone needs to work out a little bit of sweat for at least an hour a day.  Whatever your age or gender that you have, fitness is for everyone. It’s a day to day struggle that we faced amidst our busy lives in school and work. There’s a necessity to keep fit and healthy.

This medicine ball is definitely a perfect companion to those who want to get their sweats out. It’s an excellent addition to your daily exercise routine as well.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Durable Construction

Fabricated from thick and texturized rubber, this medicine ball is solidly and evenly built to withstand strong throws to the ground at any height. It doesn’t easily get abrasions, defects, or cracks upon long term use. It could even be exposed at a very long time to various weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extreme heat.

  • Simple to Use

Comfortably designed with an ergonomic two built-in handles, this 12-pound ball is easily carried and rotate using two hands at various angles and sides. You could integrate any movements and do swinging motions as you’ve wanted for this. You don’t have to read any manual to assist you in using this medicine ball.

  • Multi-Workout Activities

You could assist any types of workout using this medicine ball. It could be used to develop arm and abdomen muscles with sit-ups, presses, lunges, and locomotor drills with this equipment. You could also modify and do pushups or use it to improve leg power as well. There’s absolutely more than hundreds of exercises you could do for this medicine ball!

  • Superior Material Design

A circular 8-inch diameter medicine ball with two holes oppositely situated on each other for cozy grip upon use. It’s strongly rubber-textured with its black exterior furnishings and red labeling to indicate the brand as well as the weight of the ball. It’s smartly manufactured to resist and endure on heavily intense workouts as used by athletes and fitness trainers.

Other Features and Benefits

Apart from the given list above, here are the added features and benefits of this medicine ball. This includes the following;

  • Portable Use

Since it’s pretty much small and weighs quite lighter than any other exercise equipment, it could be easily transferred from one place to another. You could conveniently bring this ball wherever you are, whether in school, work, or in your favorite hangout place.

  • Suitable for Partner Training

If you wanted to do a workout with a company or a group, then you could use this medicine ball to add more fun. You could do chest throws or passes for a light yet enjoying exercise activity.

What We Like

  • Sturdily Constructed and Designed
  • Two-Comfortably Placed Hand Grips
  • Flexible Workout Use
  • Easy Operation

What We Don’t Like

  • Rubber-like smell upon first-time use

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FAQ and Additional Tips

  • Does it bounce upon slamming into a solid wall?

Yes, it will. However, you don’t expect that it bounces greatly as compared to a basketball. It will just bounce one to three times about a very small range of heights. It’s pretty solid and a bit heavy. It doesn’t really bounce on a full scale.  Nevertheless, its main design for lifting and swinging. It ain’t for us to bounce as used on balls in various sports.

  • Do you have to inflate it?

This type of medicine ball is not inflatable. Thus, you don’t have to buy a pump to fill with air through a long time of use. Its all solid with no air built from it. It’s mainly texturized with rubber coating all over it.

  • Can you use it while exercising in the swimming pool?

It could be used while doing workouts in the swimming pool. The ball will feel lighter as compared to when you’re using it regularly. However, as a precaution, just be careful about putting it on any type of liquid solution. There’s a tendency that it will get degrade over the use of time. Nonetheless, it never meant to be used in swimming pools.

  • How to remove the rubber-like odor upon its first purchase?

In chemistry, we learn that acids neutralize bases and vice versa. To remove the chemical smell, you could wash it repeatedly using bleach or a dishwashing liquid (base) to at least remediate the chemical smell it releases. If it still lingers, you could try a stronger basic solution such as baking soda or sodium hydroxide. Just gently wrap it into the surface and leave it for few hours before finally washing it with water.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, this medicine ball is a worth-it the purchase. It’s highly efficient during exercise and very durable for long term utilization. It has a convenient price suitable for the quality and effectiveness you’ll get. It will truly challenge you in a good and most-satisfying way. Definitely, a highly recommended product. If you want to know more, you could visit here to check more product.

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