MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator Review: Is This Muscle Stimulator The Right One For You?

There are three components of building large and toned muscles: weight training, diet and rest. Training your muscles regularly enhances its size; the right diet supports the muscles while rest allows the muscles to recuperate. And aside from lifting weights, stimulating the muscles is a practical way to improve their size.

The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator Review is a muscle stimulator that aims to help people achieve the sculpted and toned body that they have always wanted. It is a set of pads that are placed on top of the muscle areas and then activated by a digital control. When worn regularly and used along with the right diet and rest, this tool can help improve overall muscular appearance.


The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is a fitness tool designed to work on usual problem areas like the abdominals (midsection), upper arms, waist, chest, thighs, and buttocks. The pads offer a variety of high-intensity training levels. First –time users should start from the lowest setting and move on higher settings as they train daily.

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  • Ease of use

Whether you’re new to weight training or not, the MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is easy to use. The pad has a sticky gel side that contacts the skin while the outer part of the pad is where the controller attaches.

Once the pad has been placed evenly on the muscle area, turn on the control and press the desired setting using the different buttons. There is a small screen on the control which will tell you what setting you are at. The small LCD screen has no backlight though so you need to adjust the controls under bright light.

  • Variety of training settings

Recommended time for training the muscles with the MOORAY SPORT is 1 to 2 times daily for six or more weeks. Each training session should last for 20 minutes. Manufacturers say that this routine is equivalent to 30 sit-ups, 2000 m running and 30 minutes of swimming.

You can select from 6 exercise modes and 10 intensity levels to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Can be worn secretly under clothing

You can wear this ab stimulator even while on the go. You don’t need to wait till you get to the gym because it vanishes under clothing. The pad is flat while the controls are just a few millimeters thick. You can at home while doing chores, at school, as you commute or at work.

Who is the MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator for?

The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is for all types of fitness enthusiasts. It is for men and women, young and old.

  • For people who want to improve flabby muscles

Along with weight training, diet and rest, this tool can enhance the appearance of flabby muscles like the arms, abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks. It can spot train different muscle groups so you can achieve the perfect form.

  • For people who want to grow firm and strong muscles

If you have a small body built, this ab stimulator can enhance the different muscle groups to improve the size and the strength of your muscles.

  • For people who have no time training

Busy people who can’t regularly go to the gym can use this to work out no matter what they may be doing.

Key product features and benefits

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  • Flexible and portable

The pads are versatile, may be used anywhere. For instance, the small pads are not just for the arms but may also be used on the thighs, waist or buttocks. These are also light and can be taken anywhere too and placed inside your bag, briefcase or gym bag.

  • Rechargeable and efficient

With a triple USB cable, you can charge the three controls simultaneously. There’s no way to tell if the devices are full so you must check regularly. Each full charge may last for an hour of training.

  • Comes with a quality guarantee

The gel stick-on pads will remain in good shape for at least 30 times of use. The controllers are safe to use and will never power on unless in contact with the skin.

What we like:

  • Larger and flatter than other ab stimulators
  • With the mini screen on the controls
  • Comes with extra gel pads
  • Adhesive lasts longer

What we don’t like:

  • No way to tell if the controls are fully charged
  • Too small, dark LCD screen

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FAQ and Additional Tips

  • How do you clean and maintain the MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator?

Use a soft, clean and damp cloth to wipe the inner surface of the ab stimulator. This will remove sweat and dirt. Wipe the surface with a soft and dry cloth afterward.  Always dry your skin first before placing the ab stimulator pad over it to ensure the best results

  • How long do the adhesive gel tapes last?

Each adhesive gel tape will last for 30 times use. If the gel tapes are not sticky anymore, remove these gently and apply a new one. This set comes with ten extra gel pads. If you need more, you can always order these online or from a local distributor.

Remember; never wear this device when you are sweating a lot. Sweat may affect the way the gel pads stick to skin and thus will make your routines useless.

  • How do you recharge the controllers?

Remove the controllers from the pads and connect these to the triple device USB charger. Connect the cord to a USB charger and charge this for about an hour. One full charge can give you around 45 to an hour of use depending on the intensity of your routines.

Final verdict

The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is a set of muscle stimulator pads that can enhance the appearance, form, and strength of muscles when used with exercise, diet and rest. We recommend this ab stimulator despite its minor flaws. We believe that its many impressive features will overlook these disadvantages. If you think that the MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator will enhance your muscle building and weight training routines.

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