moreFit Fitness Tracker Review

You need to keep yourself updated on your heart rate to know if they are still within the normal range. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to visit a clinic or medical personnel to check on their BPM. This is where moreFit comes in with a portable health monitor that lets you check on your heart rate at all times.

Does the moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR give you more value for your money? Are there other features outside of just its health monitor functions? Let us answer these questions with our review.

MoreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR review

The moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR provides the basics of a health monitor such as checking on your BPM and hours of sleep. It also gives you some useful functions to connect with your phone and much more.

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Who is this product for?

Those who are conscious of their health or wants to make sure their workout is effective will get the most out of the moreFit Fitness Tracker. The Fitness Tracker is also a great tool to get yourself engaged with adopting a fit lifestyle thanks to its activity tracker and alarm settings. You can also use the watch to catch message or call notifications without picking up your phone.

Main features and functions

  • Health monitor

The moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR essentially tracks your heart’s BPM or pulse rate. It logs the BPM and time so that you know when your heart rate is normal or not.

  • Sleep tracker

The Fitness Tracker records your sleep hours and wakes you up with a vibration alert. The watch is durable enough to be worn while laying in bed.  In addition, the device has an auto sleep monitor. This function turns the device to a minimum powered state when you are sleeping.

The feature is likely to save power when you are not using the Fitness Tracker. Some of us at the office like this since we can be guilty of not turning our phones to sleep mode before dozing off.

While the device has its shortcomings such as its inaccurate measurements, the only aspect we do not like about the Fitness Tracker is its sleep monitor function. Some people in the office have children to take care of and they often need to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of their kids. Unfortunately, Fitness Tracker has no way of knowing the times that you are awake and asleep at night.

  • Activity tracker

The watch has 14 sports mode that records certain aspects of the activity. When you set it to jogging or running, for example, the watch will count the number of steps you take and the distance you cover. All of the data of your physical output goes to the app.

  • Phone connectivity

Apart from monitoring your health, the Fitness Tracker Slim HR offer other useful functions with your phone. This includes SMS and calls notifications. You can even use the device as a remote control for your phone’s camera.

Not everyone in the office wants to keep seeing notifications popping out of their Fitness Tracker. Fortunately, you can turn off this function through the app.

Another feature is the phone finder that lets you track your mobile device with the Fitness Tracker. However, we could not use this feature since we could not find it on the app.

  • Battery life

The battery is essential for any health tracker since you will be using it for more than a day. Fortunately, moreFit’s device hits this criterion strongly with its long battery life. The unit can last for up to 10 days of modest use. We simply like about the device is its battery capacity.

We left our device on standby mode after charging its battery to full. It took more than half a month for the battery to enter the 10 percent red zone. The Fitness Tracker Slim HR can also last for up to two weeks with moderate use. Charge time is incredibly fast with our unit taking only an hour to charge up to full capacity after a week of use.

  • Design

Design wise, moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR provides functionality and attractiveness. The bands have a wristwatch latch that ensures that the device is tightly secured to your wrist at all times. In addition, there are different colored bands available for the unit. Replacing the band is as easy as removing a pen cap. We love the Fitness Tracker Slim HR is its minimalistic design.

True to its name, the health monitor moves away from the square shaped design that you see among smartwatches. Instead, the moreFit devices go for the slim rectangular approach that only shows you the necessary info you need. This design gives the Fitness Tracker Slim HR a luxurious feel.

In regards to the design, the health monitor device is incredibly durable. We find this useful when sleeping with the Fitness Tracker Slim HR. The unit can withstand our weight with no problem as it tracks the number of sleep hours.

In addition, Fitness Tracker has no problems with a small splash of water. This is an important factor since the device is constantly covered in sweat.

Another part of the design we like is the wristwatch lock. Other health monitor devices opt for a simple way in fastening it around your wrist. The problem we see with this method is how the fastener can get undone while we are jogging or doing any fast movements. The Fitness Tracker’s fastener keeps the device attached to our wrist.

  • Built-in charger

Unlike other health monitor watches, the moreFit device does not require a charging cable. Removing the band reveals a charging plug that you can connect directly to a USB port. This is incredibly convenient since many of us at the office often lose track of our charger cables and have to borrow one.

  • Customizable clock faces

The clock display of the moreFit Fitness Tracker has various modes that fit your liking. The main mode is a digital clock that shows the date and time of day at the bottom. You can switch the digital clock look to a clock face mode.

  • Compatibility

The moreFit Fitness Tracker requires the VeryFitPro app for full functionality. This app is compatible with phones that have an Android 4.4 version or higher.

The software will also work on Apple devices that have the IOS 7.1 or new versions of the OS. These devices include the iPhone 4 series and higher.

What we like

  • Sturdy design
  • Activity trackers
  • Waterproof
  • Phone connectivity features
  • Attractive slim design

What we do not like

  • No control over the sleep tracker function

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you swim while wearing the Fitness Tracker Slim HR?

It is not a good idea to wear the Fitness Tracker Slim HR while swimming. The moreFit health monitor has a waterproof index of IP 67. With water protection of 7, the device can survive a brief dip in a shallow pool. This is why you can safely wear the device while taking a shower or washing the dishes. However, swimming with the Fitness Tracker may allow moisture to enter the casing and damage the inner workings.

  • Is the Fitness Tracker Slim HR compatible with other health monitoring app?

Every moreFit device will only work with its proprietary VeryFitPro app.

  • Is the Fitness Tracker Slim HR good for children?

Many mom and dads in our office attest that the moreFit watch is great for keeping track of children’s health. We found the movement alert and sleep tracker to be the most useful functions that parents will enjoy.

  • Does the device take calls?

Unfortunately, the Fitness Tracker does not have a function that lets you use the device as a remote Bluetooth headset. It can only alert you of any calls that your phone is receiving. On the other hand, the SMS notification will show the message sent to your phone.

  • Do you need the VeryFitPro app or phone to use the device?

Yes, you can. The Fitness Tracker can still measure your heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. However, you will need the app and a phone to record all of the measurements taken in a certain day.

Final Verdict

The moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim HR offers an economical option in monitoring your health and engaging you in physical activities. The phone connectivity features are simply icing on a solid device. Its design also offers usability over styles such as a secure fastener and built-in charger plug.

In regards to the inaccurate measurement, we expect this shortcoming from an entry-level health monitor. Accurate Fitness Trackers are high-end devices that cost a lot more due to its sophisticated sensors. Despite this, the Fitness Tracker Slim HR is worth buying because of its economical price and base functions. Read more about getshape waterproof fitness tracker in 2019.

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