New Balance 1267 Review – Should You Consider This Shoe?

New Balance 1267 is one of the most popular shoes made for cross-training enthusiasts and sports lovers. However, the market always has so much to offer when it comes to sports gear, particularly for training sneakers.

Is New Balance 1267 the right training shoe for you? In this New Balance 1267 review, I’m going to tell you the most important things to know about this shoe which may help you make the best buying decision in the end.


Who is this Product for?

This training shoe is for men involved in training classes like CrossFit, weight lifting, and other similar activities. It can also be ideal for sports lovers out there.

Key Product Features and Benefits

The New Balance 1267 for Men is a workout sneaker for regular training. It comes with the upper made of synthetic fibers and mesh that guarantees support and ventilation.

  • Outsole

The New Balance 1267 for men comes with a rubberized outsole which is traction-ready and durable. It’s non-marking, meaning it doesn’t leave any scuff markings on the ground. It also extends to the shoe’s front side to serve as protection against abrasion and impact during workouts.

This non-marking rubber outsole that makes up the bottom sheet. The shoe also comes with flex grooves which help in facilitating multidirectional moves. The added QUIX technology is an advanced feature that promotes fast turns and twists.

  • Midsole

For the midsole, the New Balance 1267 is using different technologies which aim to give differing firmness in various areas. The PROBANK is a solid form of foam which keeps your feet supported when doing lateral moves.

  • REVlite

This sneaker also features something called REVlite. A lightweight foam compound known as REVlite is within the midsole to deliver similar responsiveness and durability provided by heavier cushioning systems. REVlite can absorb shock quickly during impact to inhibit the force from escaping which may lead to discomfort to your leg, knee, or foot.

REVLITE effectively absorbs shock. It is a highly responsive cushioning that does not add height to the sneaker’s platform.

  • More Sizes Available

The fit and size of New Balance 1267 for men is available in different sizes. The New Balance’s official website said the sneaker runs true to size.

  • Flex Grooves

The flex grooves in the shoe’s heel and forefoot allows for multidirectional moves. Those tiny trenches heighten traction as well. QUIX technology is in the shoe’s forefoot that acts as the pivot point to let you move with ease.


The New Balance 1267 for men is using a combination of cushioning technologies which give varying levels of comfort and support. PROBANK is a kind of foam which is firm but lightweight. It gives a very supportive platform, particularly for lateral movements.

  • N2

The N2 is another advanced technology used in the New Balance 1267 for men. It is a sturdy and responsive cushioning unit intended to be low-profile, letting your foot be closer to the floor. The midsole extends on the lateral part of the shoe’s midfoot to provide support to your foot when moving laterally.

  • Upper

The upper of this training sneaker uses a mix of synthetic and mesh materials. The mesh ensures the dryness of the shoe’s interior by letting the heat dissipate and the air to enter.

The synthetic material will overlay the cover high-wear regions such as the toe box, eyelets, and the lateral and medial areas. This material serves as the protection against abrasion and impact related to training.

The collar is asymmetrical. The medial part is higher compared to the lateral part to inhibit excessive inward rolling of your foot. The New Balance 1267 for men also features the Asym Counter that cups the rear of your foot and keeps it in place as you move.

The shoe’s lace-up closer is using flat laces to help you adjust the fitting with ease. It guarantees that your foot will not slip out while you move.

The padded tongue will keep the instep totally comfortable after you tighten the laces. The plush collar will lock down the rear side of the foot and prevents the Achilles from chafing.

  • Toe-to-heel Drop

The New Balance 1267 for men is a sleek and light training shoe. It is highly suitable for cross-fit and other intensive workouts. This sneaker has a wide toe-to-heel drop measuring 8mm, good cushioning, and a nice stabilizing exterior heel counter that provides extra support.

  • Toe Box

The shoe’s toe box is wide and spacious for a more comfortable spreading of your toes during weight training and lifting. It definitely helps improve your overall performance and your balance in all your cross-fit sessions. Still, a few of the past models from the New Balance have wider toe boxes. Some people, especially the ones with wider feet may find it a little tight.

What We Like

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Stylish
  • With great features

What We Don’t Like

  • Still too narrow and small for people with wider feet




  • Is this shoe good for weight training?

Yes. Many fitness enthusiasts are recommending this shoe because it feels stable and snug.

  • Does the shoe last?

Many of the reviewers said this shoe is extremely durable.

  • Is this shoe available in different color options?

This shoe is also available in more colors to choose from.

  • Is New Balance 1267 for men good for daily use?

Yes, because it is super lightweight. It is truly a good training shoe for daily walks.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the New Balance 1267 for men is a good choice when it comes to training shoes. It is a well-ventilated and provides a good snug fit for better foot guiding and stability. Its cushioning is low to the floor but gives superior comfort.

Also, the New Balance 1267 for men is amazingly responsive during walking and exercising. Likewise, this shoe has a wider toe box for improved balance. It is a lightweight shoe that is ideal for interval training, cross-fit, and other workouts, so I’m recommending it.