Nike Epic React Flyknit Review – Is This Pair of Shoes Worth Considering?

Nike is an international shoe brand that has been trusted for producing quality shoes for sports and casual use. In this Nike Epic React Flyknit review, I will help you figure out if this is the right pair of athletic shoes for you or not.


Nike Epic React Flyknit is one of the newest shoes offered by Nike. It comes in a stylish but versatile look, making it a perfect match for any rugged or sporty outfit.

Who Is This Product For?

This Nike Epic React Flyknit is for men who might be looking for a pair of sporty shoes that guarantees utmost comfort, foot support, durability, and the ease to move freely.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Outsole

The outsole of the Nike Epic React Flyknit is somewhat unique. It comes with an exposed midsole with 2 areas at the heel and forefoot reinforced with sturdier rubber.

The grooves between the smooth and wavy lines vary from the outsole. There are more pronounced and deeper grooves on the shoe’s midsole and medial side which offer better response and cushioning. However, they are shallower on the forefoot’s lateral part and towards the heel to provide extra support.

  • Midsole

The Epic React Flyknit Men’s Shoes feature the newest Nike React Foam, which is the company’s newest foam material for the midsole. Epic foam provides more energy return compared to older midsole foams.

In fact, this foam provides more than 10% extra energy return, unlike the Lunarlon foam. If compressed, this foam offers exceptional cushioning and will quickly go back to the natural shape when you lift the compression. Therefore, this foam provides awesome energy return.

Likewise, the Nike Epic React Flyknit features another technology called Fluid Geometry. This advanced technology changes the shoe’s midsole design by stretching the upper side all over the heel to improve stability.

This innovative technology is also making this pair of shoe lightweight. The midsole also features a TPU heel clip that provides improved stability on this pair of shoes.

  • Upper

The Nike Epic React Flyknit comes with a FlyKnit material intended for the upper side for improved flexibility and support. This material allows a more adjustable fit while delivering a comfy sock-like feeling. The upper side’s bootie-like construction provides a non-constricting fit on top of your foot.

At the back of the shoe, there’s the flexible heel cup which wraps all over the shoe for keeping your heels in place as you move while providing extra support.

  • Weight

Nike used super lightweight materials in making this pair of shoes. It comes with the exposed outsole which means there’s less heavy rubber used in each shoe that made them lightweight. The size 11 pair weighs less than 10 ounces.

  • Breathability

The Nike Epic React Flyknit is a breathable and lightweight shoe. The seamless FlyKnit material in this pair of shoes for men is different in various parts of the shoe. The forefoot toe box comes with a broader type knit to enable superior airflow within the foot hollow. The rest of the shoe comes with a tighter knit which supports your foot with FlyKnit while guaranteeing superior airflow.

  • Comfort

Since it is made of a more innovative foam, this pair of shoes can provide a more comfortable feeling from your toes to your heels. The shoe comes with a higher stack, so there’s a squishy feeling underneath your foot.

What We Like

  • Stylish
  • Great design
  • Guarantees comfort
  • Fluid Geometry
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Narrow toe box
  • Not for wider feet

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  • In what physical activities can I use Nike Epic React Flyknit?

This pair of shoes is a nice option for various physical activities. You can use in running and exercising. Nike Epic React Flyknit promises to offer superior support and protection for your feet in easy runs and even in medium to fast-paced running activities. This pair of shoes can also be great footwear to use when exercising on a treadmill.

  • How does Nike Epic React Flyknit feel underneath the foot?

This pair of shoes offer a soft but firm feeling under your feet. This pair of shoes are cushy but amazingly squishy.

It is the type of underfoot comfort which feels good at every pace. Also, the transition from your heels to your toes feels extremely smooth.

  • Is Nike Epic React Flyknit a Good Pair of Shoes for Extreme Sports Activities?

Definitely. Nike Epic React Flyknit has the newest foam technology that promotes breathability. The underfoot design of this pair of shoes will guarantee support for your feet as you get involved in extreme sports activities like triathlon and marathon.

  • Is this product affordable?

Nike Epic React Flyknit is quite expensive than other similar types of sports shoes. However, please keep in mind that the price of this classy sports shoes for men may vary from one store to another.

However, expected the price of it to be $200 or higher but may not be more than $300. Therefore, you must shop around to get this pair of shoes at the best price.

  • Does it come with a product return policy if the item received is damaged?

No exact information for this. Please contact the seller or the manufacturer to know more about this.

Final Verdict

In general, the Nike Epic React Flyknit is a nice pair of shoe for sporty and physically active men. It is a pair of lightweight shoes that you can wear in your daily training sessions. It might be the best pair of shoes to use for long runs and speed work. The design of this shoe is good and seems to offer the best level of comfort and support for your needs.

Therefore, I am recommending Nike Epic React Flyknit to every man who wants a more durable pair of classy running shoes. I hope you have found this Nike Epic React Flyknit review helpful in your case. If you think this shoe is for you, please click here to view further information about this product.

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