Nike Metcon 3 Review – Is This Shoe Worth Buying?

A cross training sneaker is a must-have for every serious fitness or sports enthusiast. With this shoe, you will be able to concentrate better in whatever you do.

However, the market has made it more difficult for anyone to buy a good cross-training shoe. That’s because it has been flooded with a wide variety of training sneakers from various brands. In this Nike Metcon 3 review, I will be introducing this new sneaker from Nike and help you figure out if this is worth buying.


Nike Metcon 3 is a nice-looking, durable, and stylish training shoe for men. It has features that promote safety and comfort.

Who Is This Product For?

This training shoe is basically for men. It can benefit those who want a lightweight but durable training shoe. It is pretty useful for various sports and exercises.

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Key Product Features and Benefits

If the shoe’s look is a big deal for you, then Nike Metcon 3 will be one of your best choices. This training sneaker will never disappoint you in terms of style.

Both the HIIT and CrossFit athletes appreciate these changes featured in Nike Metcon 3. They enjoy the enhanced comfort added to the sneaker without sacrificing its performance. As Nike is competing with Reebok in being the most reliable shoe brand in the market, the company succeeded when it launched Nike Metcon 3.

In terms of the shoe’s performance, you can anticipate a better feel or fit over the old version if you begin training. The sneaker fits well as it can mimic your feet compared to the older edition. It is how the elite training sneaker must fit, feel, and carry out for you when joining in difficult workouts.

  • Sole

On the older Metcon versions, the sole sported a different look as it went up to the arches and sides of the sneaker that can help in some activities like rope climbing. It then became an iconic and distinct look for the brand’s elite training sneaker. However, Nike Metcon 3 is more aggressive as it took that style into another level.

The sole isn’t the single thing that appears aggressive in terms of Metcon 3. The iconic swish on the shoe’s side is huge and provides the aggressive face-finishing touch. It made the Nike Metcon 3 more interesting.

  • Excellent Quality

Aside from being a well-designed sneaker, Metcon 3 stepped up the game as well in terms of its construction. While Nike is getting bigger and bigger, the quality of its products is sometimes sacrificed in terms of how the company produced them. The story is different for Nike as the company became a powerhouse in the industry by maintaining the good quality of their products.

  • Upper

The shoe’s top half is made of high-quality mesh which allows for breathability and flexibility while you go through extreme workouts. The interwoven mesh is sturdy, strong, and flexible, providing the superior comfort you need while helping the sneaker last longer.

  • Thermal Wrap

Aside from the improved mesh, Nike Metcon 3 comes with a thermal wrap which is already available in Metcon 2. This thermal wrap aims to provide better stability for the lateral moves and help in reducing foot movement in the shoe by keeping your feet in place.

However, Metcon 3 has minimized the number of material on its thermal wrap that made the shoe more comfortable and lightweight, giving you a snug and more comfortable fit. With the upgraded embroidery for the shoe’s high wear areas and enhanced ballistic mash for upgrading the shoe’s breathability, overall weight, and flexibility.

  • Midsole

Nike has introduced a range of updates to Metcon 3. These include a more responsive and softer midsole that helps in making cardio exercises and sprints more comfortable. This upgrade suits most CrossFit doers as the shoe’s cushion look luxurious while the shoe itself stays tough in all forms of training.

  • Rubberized Heel and Midfoot

Aside from the upgraded footbed, Nike Metcon 3 now comes with a more resilient rubber for the heel. Also, Nike added a tiny heel clip that can aid in reducing heal movement while doing wall exercises, handstand push-ups, and body bridges.

The company also enhanced the midfoot rubber which wraps all over the shoe’s arch for the rope exercises. It is an effort to enhance the shoe’s performance on rope climbing.

Metcon 3 performs just like how Reebok Nano works. Also, this shoe looks beautiful and stylish. If you are looking for a sturdy, rugged shoe that can endure your swiftest moves, then this product might be the right choice for you.

To sum it up, Nike Metcon 3 is a good cross-training shoe. Reebok pursues to be the number one in HIIT and CrossFit training market, Nike sealed the gap when it comes to the newest version of its shoe – the Nike Metcon 3.

What We Like

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Snug and fit

What We Don’t Like

  • Too wide toe box for people with slimmer feet

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What is the Best Size for Me?

The Nike Metcon 3 follows the same sizing with Metcon 2. Metcon 3 fits perfectly for normal feet shapes and sizes.

Is This Shoe Available in Different Colors?

Nike releases new colors for Nike Metcon 3. This product is available in pure black, black/white, and grey/volt.

Should you stick with Metcon 2?

Metcon 3 is an excellent shoe. The release of Nike Metcon 3 doesn’t cause the older version to be obsolete. Nike Metcon 3 is an upgrade that can offer much more than what Metcon 2 can offer.

Final Verdict

Whatever you do every day, be it CrossFit, cross-training, outdoor training, or powerlifting, whatever your preferred intense training is, this training sneaker will help you stay at your best while helping you focus on the whole session and enjoy.

Therefore, I am recommending Nike Metcon 3 to anyone who wants a sturdy shoe that provides superior support and is comfortable to wear for an extended time. I’m hoping this Nike Metcon 3 review helps you make the best decision.

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