Nordic Ankle Weights Review – It is, Durability, Comfort, and Functionality All in One

Using ankle weights can help improve almost any kind of workout. That is why they are almost essential for runners and anyone regularly doing cardiovascular training as they are capable of helping anyone push through their limits. As such, you might want to get ankle weights that are functional and comfortable enough for your needs.

The Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights are a good example of this. When I got to wear them, I found out that they do not only serve the purpose of an ankle weight but they also are very durable and comfortable. But if you want to know more about what I think, read on.

A brief overview of the product

The Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights are your go-to ankle weights if you want a product that is durable and comfortable but still provides you with a lot of other features and benefits. In that sense, it is good to have one by your side if you are cross-training, endurance training, resistance training, or just plain putting a bit of a challenge to your daily activities.

Made by Nordic Lifting, which is a known name in the weightlifting industry, you can be sure that this is made of premium qualities and that it specifically caters different kinds of athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts out there.

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Who is this product for?

Since it comes from a manufacturing company that specializes in weightlifting products, the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights are perfect for those looking for something that is durable enough to bear heavy and intense types of endurance and resistance training. It is made out of high-quality Neoprene that is good at wicking away sweat and moisture so that the intense athlete can focus on his/her own workout. And even if you are just a simple fitness enthusiast that has fitness goals to achieve, you can still benefit from the comfort and overall functionality the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights offers you.

Key features and benefits

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  • Training with comfort

The Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights was specifically designed to be comfortable so that high-performance athletes and weightlifters do not have to worry about not being able to focus on their tasks because of any discomfort they feel from wearing an ankle weight. On your part, you will surely be able to feel at ease with the Neoprene material that comfortably sits on your ankles.

  • Durability

If you happen to be regularly going through tough training sessions, you can benefit from an ankle weight that is actually durable enough to not wear or tear down while you are in the middle of an intense workout. As such, the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights was made to be very durable and has reinforced stitching that allows it to bear any kind of stress while it also lasts longer than other products.

  • Versatility in one package

The Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights can be used for a lot of other workouts aside from jogging, running, or cycling. You can use it for your aerobic workout to add more resistance and challenge. You can also use it for training your core. And if you are into bodyweight workouts, you can add more weight to your entire body by using ankle weights. In that sense, you can make sure that you still get enough resistance while doing bodyweight exercises.

  • Adds safety

If you happen to enjoy running at night, then you should know that safety should be your top priority as vehicles might not be able to see you. But the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights come with a reflective trim so that you can use them outdoors at night or during darker mornings. As small as these ankle weights are, you can still feel safe as the reflective trim is actually pretty visible on your ankles.

  • Fully adjustable

Since the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights uses a large Velcro pad, it is fully adjustable and can fit a lot of ankle sizes. You can also easily switch it from your ankles to your wrists if you prefer adding weight on your upper body instead of your lower body.

What we like

  • Very comfortable on your ankles because of the extra padding that does not seem to make it feel very bulky.
  • Extremely durable and can last for a long time even with regular use.
  • The large Velcro pad allows it to adjust to almost any ankle size.

What we don’t like

  • The weight isn’t distributed equally around your ankles.
  • Even though the Velcro allows it to fit in most ankle sizes, it gets uncomfortable if you have small ankles.
  • The weights are not adjustable. You have to stick with the weight you bought.

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FAQ and additional tips

  • Can you adjust the weights?

Unfortunately, no. The Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights come in 1, 2, 3, and 5 lbs but you cannot add or decrease the weights. That means that you have to stick with the weight you bought.

  • Do they come in any other color?

No. you can only get these ankle weights in a sleek grey color. However, it might already be stylish enough for you to pair it with any shoe or workout clothes.

  • Can you use them in the water?

The Neoprene material is good at wicking away any sweat or excess moisture. However, try not to soak or use them in water as the sand it the weights might get altered. Doing so will also decrease its lifespan.

  • How long is the strap?

The Velcro strap is nine inches long. That means that it is adjustable to fit almost any kind of ankle size.

Final Verdict

If you are putting a lot of importance on the comfort you get from your ankle weight or on its lifespan, I suggest that you consider using the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights because they are very comfortable and durable. Other than that, they also serve the basic functions of a good ankle weight.But do I recommend it? I actually do not because of the fact that the weights are not adjustable. That is the biggest downside I see with this product but it is big enough for me to think twice about using it because I value being able to increase or decrease the weight on my ankle weights. However, if you do not mind this downside, then, by all means, try to look it up here. But I do recommend that you try to use Valeo instead.

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