Phenitech Abs Stimulator Review: Is This Better Than Traditional Weight Training Techniques?

To achieve a toned, sculpted and healthy body, you must use a combination of weight training, exercise, diet and rest. When you train your muscles using high-intensity training, feed it the right nutrition and give it ample rest, you’ll be able to achieve that dream form and built in no time.

With the right amount of stimulation, the muscles can take on proper form and strength. One way to enhance your muscle stimulation techniques is through the use of an ab stimulator like the Phenitech Abs Stimulator. This is a set of EMS muscle toner that can help improve your muscle tone when used continuously with exercise, diet and rest.


The Phenitech Abs Stimulator is an EMS muscle toner that uses current to stimulate the fibers of the different muscle groups. This trainer signals the muscles to remain in a state of training. Unlike using weights which can cause strain and pain, an abs stimulator like the Phenitech will prevent injuries as you improve your muscular form.

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  • Ease of use

The Phenitech Abs Stimulator requires no tool or glue to use. The back of the pads is small gel adhesive pads that will stick to skin. The large butterfly pad is for the abdominal muscles; notice that the wings of the pad stretch over the major area of the midsection.

The two smaller pads may be used on different muscle groups that frequently need to be toned. These include the upper arms, waist, chest, thighs, and buttocks. A small controller is placed on the contact point of each pad. You may choose from 15 intensity levels and 5 modes.

  • Portable

The pads, as well as the controllers, are easy to wear no matter what type of clothing you wear on top. You can also take these wherever you want to train. Because of its inconspicuous size, you can actually use this as you work, while commuting or while engaging in other leisure activities.

  • Attaches well to the skin

The pads are flexible and will attach on the skin no matter how irregular the shape of the body part is. The secret is gel pads that will hold onto the skin and will even remain sticky even after 20+ uses.

Who is the Phenitech Abs Stimulator for?

The Phenitech Abs Stimulator is for people who want more out of their usual muscle training regimen. It is for men and women and for anyone who wants fast and easy results.

  • For people who cannot lift weights. People who find it hard to lift very heavy weights should not strain themselves. This device can help enhance different muscle groups safely although it is always better to lift weights and use this device.
  • For people who don’t have time to train

Some people are just too busy to do other things including going to the gym and lift weights. If you are like this, don’t despair since you won’t have to miss weight training when you use this device.

  • For people who want to enhance their overall built

People born with very little muscles and those who just can’t gain muscles even through the use of conventional exercise should consider an abs stimulator to enhance their current weight training plans.

  • For people who want to spot correct problem areas

People who want to remove flabby arms, chicken wings, love handles, large midsections and poorly toned buns can use the Phenitech Abs Stimulator set.

Key product features and benefits

  • Versatile

The device control is completely adjustable to fit your current fitness routine. Beginners should start with the lowest setting and gradually work their way out of the different training modes. You may use this together with any muscle training routine or weight lifting regimen to fully enhance your muscular form.

  • Portable

You can take these pads, controls, and charger to where you need to be and train your muscles as you move. No one will suspect that you are wearing this ab trainer because these are flat over the skin. Even the controller is very small and hardly noticeable under clothing.

  • Safe to use

Using weights and other gym equipment can be dangerous especially to the inexperienced. The Phenitech Abs Stimulator lets you train and develops larger and more defined muscles without pain and strain.

What we like

  • Can be used anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Will not irritate the skin
  • Replaceable gel pads

What we don’t like

  • Narrower compared to other abs stimulators
  • No LCD screen on controllers

Get Phenitech Abs Stimulator at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

  • How do you charge the controllers?

Remove the controller from the pad. These are just attached to the pad on two contact nodes. Attach the controller on a USB cord and charge. The cord that comes with this product is a triple USB cord that will allow you to charge three controllers at a time.

  • Will this abs stimulator stick to sweaty skin?

Sweat and dirt can interfere with the contact of the pad so you must wipe away sweat from your skin before use. Clean the pad regularly as well using a damp clean cloth and a dry cloth afterward.

  • How long for the gel pads to lose their stickiness?

Usually, gel pads can last for about 30 uses, depending on how dirty these could become.  This purchase comes with a set of new pads so you can replace your old ones. You may also order compatible pads online.

Final verdict

The Phenitech Abs Stimulator is an EMS muscle training pad that will be able to help you achieve the well-toned, strong body that you want. It should be used together with the right muscle training routines, diet and rest to be very effective.

We recommend this product to anyone who wishes to improve his overall muscular form and those who want to spot correct issues. It may have some flaws but these were greatly overlooked because of its many good points.

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