A Rich Color Themed Waist Trainer: PLAYGIRL True Corset Review

Play it all you want, girl! You don’t have to settle for simple. Think more outside the box while striving to become sexy. If you’re curious of what I mean, then take an experiment on this waist trainer.

The PLAYGIRL True Corset will take your typical waist trainer to a whole new level. It possesses variability on designs and sizes with different themes and moods for you to enjoy. It’s an ultimate way to experience fashion and take an Instagram selfie while you waist train.

Still pondering to purchase this? Then, let me help you with that darling. I’ll give you an honest review for this waist trainer. Scroll down to find out more!

Brief Overview of this Product

Do cosplay or be gothic. Style and be what you want. The True Corset delivers a variety of waist cincher fashionable options that are uniquely incorporated only in this company.

Definitely, a true destination for waist trainer lovers out there. Get creative, be slim, and display your sexiest OOTD using this corset brand.

Who is this Product for?

If you’re a fan of styling and re-creating clothes, then this waist trainer is perfect for you. It’s an all-around brand for women who does not wants to go out of style. It’s not only for millennials but for anyone without constraint to any ages. It doesn’t bound with race, color, or even size. Women who want to stay confident and sexy are welcome to purchase this corset brand. Consequently, the sizes available for this corset range from 22 inches to 51 inches.

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Key Features and Benefits

Image Source: corsetdatabase.com

A Library of Corset Designs and Themes

Its waist trainers are absolutely full of glamour and colors. You’ll find a variety of designs, textures, lengths, and sizes that you could choose from. Nevertheless, themes such as burlesque, punk, and cosplay sell a lot. Its an all-around paradise for those who want to establish a corset runway.

Great Waistline Reduction

Their products are ultimately designed for temporary waistline contraction. Upon wearing it, your waistline will be reduced as much as six to seven inches respectively. It’s truly a specialist brand on shaping that ‘hourglass’ body physique.

Intricately Creative Designs

Every design is highly detailed with colorful shapes and layouts to deliver the varying needs of its customers. Thread and fabric work are obsessively well-thought to ensure originality and quality. Additional accessories such as the lace-up back, garters, suspender loops, and steel busks are being supplemented on few of its designs to accommodate movements upon use.

Highly Durable Framework

It’s bone structure is highly resilient driven with strength and stiffness. Manufactured from Germany, its steel-made bones are highly dense and scattered around the waist trainer. It mainly composes of 26 steel bones specifically containing 6 flat and 20 spirals within it.

Multiple Fabric Composition

Unlike any other brands, this waist trainer is reinforced with four layers of clothing. Respectively, the taffeta as its outer layer, two cotton middle layers, and an extra strength inner cotton layer. Knowing this, you’ll expect that the waist trainer is quite thick yet still smooth and comfortable of use.

Wide-Ranging Size Availability

One of the best things about this waist trainer is its size flexibility. It has existing corset sizes depending on your bust, under-bust, waistline, upper hip, and torso lengths respectively. Nevertheless, you’ll have to choose a lot of size options for this brand. For this product line, there are 14 available sizes for sold.

Other Features and Benefits

Aside from the things mentioned above, the waist trainer possess other features as well. This includes the following;

Reinforces Weight Reduction

Upon regularly wearing this waist trainer with supplement exercise and diet, you’ll ensure that one could lose a significant amount of weight most especially on the abdomen area. It induces thermal heat, resulting in the development of sweat and losing eventually fat.

Developing Right Posture

Slouch no more upon wearing this waist trainer regularly. It possesses a complex bone structure that further supports the backbone or the spine. It’s also a form of therapeutic treatment to those who are experiencing back injuries or spine problems and conditions.

Versatile for Formal Occasion Use

With its non-plain design, you could easily put it over your clothes without anyone noticing it. It could be used to all occasions including parties and various events. The sky is definitely the limit for this waist trainer.

What We Like:

  • Multi-Variant Design and Color Options
  • Large Range Size Availability
  • Sturdily Built
  • Unlimited Add-ons and Accessories
  • Thick and Intense Fabric Quality

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to put on

FAQ and Additional Tips

Could we use it under the clothing?

If you could use it above clothing, then you could definitely wear it under the clothing. However, it’s incorporated with different designs and colors that make it’s quite noticeable most especially if you’re wearing light-colored and thin clothing. It’s recommended wearing loose ones or darker colors to let them stay hidden during use.

What size should I get?

Since there are a lot of possible options to this, its essential that you’ll be able to evaluate carefully what you should choose. Consequently, the company posts a size chart that you could refer to identify what size you’ll get. Though, if you go wrong, the company is still willing to replace it as needed.

Can I use this while working out?

Unfortunately, it’s not recommended to use this during workouts. Its highly compounded bone structure makes this waist trainer stiff. Thus, it would be painful and difficult to move much using this waist trainer. Though, you could still do those easy and basic exercises.

How many hours a day should I wear this?

For basics, you could start with one hour a day. Take it off when it goes uncomfortable. Repeat it daily and slowly increase the duration until the desired amount of time.

How much does it weigh?

It seems to be heavy upon just looking at its features. However, it ain’t really that heavy. It weighs at least less than one pound. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to necessary reach for help upon wearing it.

Our Final Verdict

This corset brand is definitely one of the best in the market. Its main advantages lie in variability, durability, and fabric quality as well. It’s highly recommended to fashionistas out there who also want to lose weight along the process.

I say, a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. Let’s just subtract the 0.5 points for its no-workout feature. For those who hit the gym regularly, a recommendation is to use this Camellias Corset’s Women Trainer Belt.

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