Polar M430 GPS Running Watch Review

A running watch is always a must-have for anyone engaged in sports. It is also ideal for a fitness enthusiast or a health-conscious individual. A running watch is different from an ordinary watch.

With a lot of choices available in the market, choosing the right one for your needs is truly difficult. This Polar M430 review introduces the M430 which is one of the best-selling running watches as of now. It should answer all your questions in mind so that you can make the best buying decision in the end.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is basically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is also ideal for those who want to lose weight and live healthier.

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Key Product Features and Benefits


  • Wrist-based Heart Rate – track your exact heart rate with ease using the Polar’s optical heart rate measurement. Polar M430 guarantees accurate and continuous heart rate without the chest strap through the six LED optical sensor.
  • Advanced GPS – the reliable and accurate GPS of Polar M430 measures your distance, speed, and route with accuracy. With the GPS power saving mode, you can track every turn even during your longest adventure. This running watch can track distance, speed, routes, and pace.
  • Indoor Running Data – if GPS signal is unavailable, this running watch measures the distance and pace from the movements of your wrist.
  • Activity Tracking – be active throughout the day. Polar M430 can track distance, steps, calories, and sleep. It will give you a personalized day-to-day activity goal. Polar M430 guarantees 24/7 activity tracking. With this, you can track all your activities and moves, including your steps, sleep, and calories with the guidance to assist you in reaching your goals.
  • Polar Flow – prepare, sync, and share your training by using the Polar Flow app and online service. The data is always viewable.
  • Smart Notifications – smart notifications will let you see the notifications from your smartphone to the screen of this running watch.
  • Sport Profiles – Polar M430 gives a hundred various sport profiles that allow you to pick the ideal for your training session.
  • Vibration Alerts – this running watch will keep you alert with vibrating notifications of messages, incoming calls, during your training and when you’re inactive.


Polar M430 is compatible with different Windows versions. These include:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Also, this running watch is also great for various Mac OS versions, such as:

  • Mac OS x 10.6
  • Mac OS x 10.7
  • Mac OS x 10.8
  • Other newer versions

Basic Features

Polar M430 watch can track your distance, pace, and duration with ease. This watch features a GPS system that guarantees the accuracy of your data. You can also use it for tracking your indoor running statistics if you choose to run indoors. Thus, Polar M430 is helping you get the necessary data of any activity you might be having. Tracking all your data and seeing your progress will be easier. Thanks to this superb running watch.

Advanced Features

Aside from those basic features, Polar M430 also comes with some advanced features. It features water resistance and a wrist-based heart rate monitor. Meaning, you can have the kind of functionality which you can always expect from the high-rated multi-sport watch. You can expect the same thing from Polar M430 except when you dive deeper or swim in fast running water. Polar M430 GPS running watch white is truly a good choice when it comes to running watches.


When it comes to activities, you can use this running watch for various activities such as walking, biking, and running. You can even wear it while swimming. Therefore, you can use Polar M430 for triathlons. That’s true because this watch has breathable holes on its band. This will allow the water to pass over with ease, preventing your wrist from getting uncomfortable. Basically, there are no restrictions in terms of activities in which you can use Polar M430. Feel free to keep it on your wrist so long as you are not diving deeper under the water.


The last thing you may want for a reasonable multi-sport watch is a stylish design. In the expensive units like the ones produced by Apple, you will always notice that the company prioritizes the watch’s design. Polar M430 comes with an attractive and sleek look, so the watch remains aesthetically pleasing while it’s functional. The face of the watch blends perfectly with the band. This is something uncommon even to popular running watches like the Apple Watch. The band of Polar M430 is sleek and sturdy which provides the impression that Batman will love having this in his wrist.


Polar M430 also stands out when it comes to comfort. Its design is not obtrusive. It will never hurt your wrist while moving. The rest of this running watch comes with a good design that offers utmost comfort. The band has more breathable holes, allowing moisture to escape immediately. It means you have nothing to worry whether you are sweating after running or just got out of the swimming pool.


Though there are so much more things that Polar M430 can show, the face of this running watch still looks smooth and sleek. It shows the necessary information in a pleasingly aesthetical way. The screen of the watch face lies flush with the wrist band that makes it look seamless and attractive. Likewise, it serves a vital function: the screen is less prone to scratches or damage because it’s flat with the band.


Polar M430’s band is strong and durable. It is tough enough. The band of this running watch is also sleek and with holes promoting breathability. Its black color goes well with the stylish black background of the face.


A multi-sport running watch like this is never complete if apps are unavailable. Polar M430 GPS running watch supports the famous application called Polar Flow. This application monitors your data generated while you exercise. Polar Flow will then send the data to the central profile in which you can view everything you did while exercising. The app occasionally does not sync properly but rebooting the app will quickly solve the issue.

Power Source

In terms of battery life, Polar M430 running watch does not just excel because it actually crushes the strict competition. The watch shows its details without using excessive processing power. It may conserve battery to the extent where reviewers reported they need charging the watch every 3 days.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, Polar M430 became popular for having a great, simple setup. Having a wristband that is simple to fit and an accurate heart rate monitor that is easy to use. Polar M430 is not perfect, though. It is easy to set up.


When it comes to accuracy, most reviewers have noticed that Polar M430 is among the most precise heart-rate monitors so far. You can definitely expect great things from this running watch.


In terms of connectivity, Polar M430 knows how crucial it is to transfer data via Bluetooth or something else. Therefore, the company supported this functionality. This running watch will allow you to transfer all your data easily whether through your PC or smartphone. Also, you can track your data wherever you are. Thus, tracking is easy if you are sincerely competitive and you like to keep an eye on your progress and see which needs improvement. Polar M430 appeals to an ordinary athlete, but it can also help a lot to a serious competitor.

What We Like

  • Great battery life
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Bothersome charging lead
  • Not the best-looking
  • Some phone syncing problems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Is there a backlight on the screen of Polar M430?

Answer: Yes, it has.

Question #2: Does the Polar M430 use a chest band?

Answer: The answer is no. It doesn’t need a chest band for reading heart rates.

Question #3: Does it need to be with the phone so that it can track the pace or distance?

Answer: No.

Question #4. How long does its battery last?

Answer: This may depend on how you use the running watch. According to most users, Polar M430 needs recharging after 3 days. The battery life can be longer or shorter, depending on how often you use this running watch. One is for sure and that’s the device consumes less battery life every time you use it.

Final Verdict

The bottom line here is that Polar M430 is a superb running watch which carries out its job at the highest level. It can help you with everything, so as long as you’re not under deep water. Polar M430 is a good running watch to use for most extreme activities and even in swimming. All you need to keep in mind is its limitations when used in any underwater activities. Definitely, I’m recommending it.

If you are searching for a reasonably priced multi-sport running watch which can do about everything you require. This watch is almost the one. Polar M430 has long battery life and is rich in basic and advanced features. This multi-sport watch is truly worth purchasing.

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