ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator Equipment Review: Is This Muscle Trainer Worth Trying?

Have you ever wanted to grow larger and firmer muscles? Are you dissatisfied with your overall physique? Experts recommend weight training, the right diet and rest for muscles to form. A device known as a muscle stimulator may also help.

The ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator is a unique way to improve your figure and develop larger, firmer muscles. This is a set of pads that are specifically designed to actuate the different target muscle groups. A set comes with three muscle pads: one for the abdomen and two smaller pads which may be used over the arms, shoulders, waist, and thighs.


The ROKOO Muscle Trainer is a set of vibrating pads that are placed on target muscle groups. It spots trains different muscles so you can get the form you want to achieve.

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  • Ease of use

Because the ROKOO Muscle Trainer spot corrects muscle groups, you may use one or the complete set at once. The pads are very sticky and will attach to the skin even on irregularly shaped body areas like the stomach and arms.

A small controller is attached at the center of each pad to send vibrations all over the stimulator pad. The controller has 6 modes with 10 levels of intensity. You may choose from different combinations and increase the intensity of the vibrations as you use this on a regular basis.

The controller is quite small; hard to press and does not come with a screen to check the mode or intensity. You just need to feel the vibrations and gauge if it is tolerable or not. There is no way to tell if the controller needs to recharge as well. The small controllers are USB chargeable.

  • Compact and easy to take anywhere

This muscle trainer stimulator, including the circular controls at the middle of the pads, is flatter than other muscle stimulators. This makes it easier for you to wear it underneath clothing. And since the pads come with very sticky gel adhesive, these won’t fall off or move on your skin as you move.

Who is the ROKOO Muscle Trainer for?

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The ROKOO Muscle Trainer is recommended for men and women and guarantees improvement in your overall figure when used continuously for two months.

  • For people who want to enhance the appearance of their muscles. If you want to gain muscles or to spot correct flabby arms, lose thigh muscles or remove love handles then this may be the muscle trainer for you.
  • For people who want to become trimmer and slimmer. If you want to get rid of extra weight and to trim up then this muscle trainer can help you reduce fat, slim up and trim up along with using the right diet, exercise and rest.
  • For people who want tighter abs. The abdominal pad comes with four ribbed sections on each side. Each one of these ribs attaches to different sections of the abdominal muscles and spots correct the area. Regular use, along with the right diet and training can help give you tighter abs in no time.
  • For people who want to gain confidence. A better figure also enhances confidence. As your body becomes trimmer and slimmer, you’ll be able to get the figure you could proudly show off anywhere.

Key product features and benefits

  • Compact and portable

You can take the ROKOO muscle trainer stimulator anywhere because it’s portable and lightweight. Train even when you are doing other stuff like household chores while working or while shopping. The flat pads remain on your skin no matter how long you work out.

  • Fast charging time

These are operated using rechargeable batteries, charged using a portable USB charger. It will only take an hour and a half for these small controllers to charge completely however there’s no way to tell if the controller is fully charged or needs to be charged.

  • Made from heavy-duty materials

The ROKOO Muscle Trainer is made from compact and flexible composites which is why it’s light and very thin. It is non-irritating and won’t easily tear or wear no matter how much you use it.

Usually, training and everyday movements can lead to sweat and heat. The ROKOO Muscle Trainer will remain on the skin and will never move no matter how much you move while you perform exercise routines.

  • For beginner to expert weight trainers

This muscle trainer is non-invasive, easy to use and thus may be used by professional trainers or by first-time users. However, this should be used together with exercise, diet and rest to get the best results.

What we like:

  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Can be used to enhance muscle size and tone
  • Can be used by men or women
  • Completely adjustable modes and intensities

What we don’t like:

  • Very small controls
  • No screen to check on the mode and intensity
  • No way to check battery power

Get ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator Equipment at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

  • How to use the ROKOO Muscle Trainer for the first time?

To use the ROKOO Muscle Trainer for the first time, start off at the lowest setting. Once you are used to this setting, you can move to the next.

  • How to tell if the controller is fully charged?

There is no way to tell if the controllers are full-charged before use. It’s best to charge these for an hour before using to prevent any interruptions in your workout routine.

  • How to clean this muscle trainer?

To clean the ROKOO Muscle Trainer pads, peel it off from the skin and remove the controller. The controller easily snaps on and off the pad. Use a damp cloth to wipe the pad clean and follow with a soft dry cloth. Dry the pad completely before using again.

Final verdict

Muscle training is achieved by active weights training using gym weights, eating the right kind of food and resting muscles. You can enhance your muscle training by using the ROKOO Muscle Trainer.

Despite a few flaws, recommend this muscle trainer stimulator but it should be integrated with the ideal weight training routine, diet and rest. If you think that ROKOO Muscle Trainer will help you get the well-formed and defined muscles you have been dreaming of.

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