SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper Review

Apart from the face, women tend to look at their body shape and physique. That is why a lot of women spend their time hitting on a gym or undergo painful surgeries to keep that hourglass body to die for. However, a few only know, there are ways to make your workouts more efficient and achieve easily that curvy body.

The SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper is a convenient remedy for every woman’s dilemma. There’s no question to this product. It has more than 5000 customer sellouts in Amazon with a very high customer review!

If you want to know more, then let me share my insights with this secret weight loss regimen.

Brief Overview of the Product

Train your abs out while wearing this body shaper. Specifically intended to lose weight, this ShaperX made waist trainer is every woman’s necessity for fitness, strength, and endurance.

Its high quality, efficient, and delivers a sexy curvy body results. It’s every woman’s workout buddy!

Who is this Product for?

This waist trainer belt could be used exclusively for women who want to lose weight fast and induce a curvy hourglass figure immediately. Young and old, this waist trainer belt fits for you. It’s highly prevalent for use during every workout or exercise. It’s a safe and well-proven method for women who wants to get a beach-ready sexy body. Existing sizes for this trainer belt body shaper accommodates only waist measurements from 24.2 inches to 43.4 inches.

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Key Features and Benefits

Accelerate Weight Loss

This waist trainer is obviously made to accompany you during workouts. It helps you to lose some weight by burning the excess fat calories into your waistline. This trainer belt targets to easily sweat out the midsection abdominal layer as most fats are stored into this part. According to the manufacturer’s study, this fat burning waist trainer belt along with a 40-minute rigid exercise could burn at least 150 calories of fat.

Formation of Hour-Glass Waist Shape

You can’t just have that sexy curves by just losing some weight. It’s important to concentrate your weight loss to the waist area. This waist trainer is designed to burn fat and at the same time compressing comfortably the waistline to form that desirable shape around the abs and stomach area.

Improves Posture and Back Assistance

If you are suffering from back issues or struggling to maintain a good posture, then this waist trainer is perfect for your use. It stabilizes spine acting as a compression binder around the waist to offer support in the lumbar region. Additionally, it keeps your muscles massaged and help you prevent suffering from back pain and herniated disc.

Comfortable Use

This waist trainer is a very cozy accessory in your abdomen. It’s manufactured with fabrics that are smooth for your delicate skin and easy body movements. However, it’s really important that you’ll consider the vital statistics that you have in order to ensure comfort when using this. There are five available sizes divided according to waist measurements. Respectively, its all labeled as S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

Fabric Versatility and Convenience

Its 100% latex free and highly manufactured from neoprene. It’s crafted from the highest stretchable fabric quality to ensure that it will fit without causing any discomfort upon use. It has a mesh padding to most improved convenience upon use. If you want to adjust the size, you could comfortably use the double velcro straps that are surrounded around the waist trainer.

Simple Operation

You don’t have to put a lot of effort using this waist trainer. All you have to do is wrap it around your waist and slowly adjust it out using the velcro straps.  You don’t have to put inserts or hook it out like any other existing waist trainers.

Other Features and Benefits

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Apart from these, there are still essential features that this waist trainer possesses. This includes the following;

Variety of Colors

Color is not a problem. This waist trainer has seven painted colored designs decorated within the exterior linings of the waist trainer belt. Primarily, this includes colors like black, beige white, lemon-green, blue, orange, purple, and rose. The colors indicate the presence and thickness of the mesh. Respectively, the pink and black ones are both non-mesh.

Innovative Waist Lining Design

Highly advanced with the Flex-boning technology, this waist trainer employs a rigid framework using 4 reinforced acrylic bones to offer high compression for tight abdominal use. It’s worn like a corset or a waist cincher to induce waist curve formation during every workout.

Flexible Workout Use

Unlike other waist trainers, you could use this on whatever workout regimen you are employing. Whether you are hitting on a gym, cycling, running, meditating through yoga, or even swimming, this waist trimmer is an excellent accompaniment for every fat burning activity.

What We Like

  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Available Waist Sizes
  • Multi-Color Options
  • Comfortable and Durable Fabric Quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited Sizing

Get SHAPERX Women’s Waist Trainer at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

What size should I get?

To know what size suits, you could refer to the company’s size chart to indicate what you should buy. Identification of the ideal size for you is done through evaluating what waist measurement you have. As of now, there is five range of sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) to choose from.

How long should I wear it in a day?

You may not know but one could wear this accessory without doing any exercise. Nonetheless, you could use it as many hours you wanted. It’s definitely most recommended to start at a few durations from one to two hours. Then, after being already accustomed, you could slowly adjust it and add more hours to it.

Would this cover the whole stomach area?

Yes, it will be. As long as you’ve got the right size perfect for you. It will certainly fit and cover your entire stomach area.

How it should be washed?

It’s best to separate this waist trainer when washing your clothes. It’s advised to hand wash it with lukewarm water and dry it by hanging or just laying it flat over a secure place. It’s prohibited to twist or squeeze when washing this waist trainer.

Do I wear it under or top of my clothes?

You could do both. Though, it’ll be a bit uncomfortable upon putting it under your clothes with the belt on. Its quite thick and may appear noticeable if you’ll wear it over the top. However, its all on your preference.

Final Verdict

This waist trainer is every woman’s fantasy to have. It’s durable and well-made with a highly sophisticated design for your own convenience. It’s a great workout accessory for those women and even men who want to lose some fat quickly and at the same time, get those sexy enticing curves. Overall, it’s definitely worth for purchase.

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