SoAlpha Exercise Ball Reviews

SoAlpha Exercise Ball Reviews – Facts to Know about SoAlpha Exercise Ball

SoAlpha Exercise Ball is one of the popular exercise balls in the market today. This product outperforms other exercise balls for some reasons. Just like the other SoAlpha Exercise Ball reviews on the web, this one I wrote will tell the most important details about this product.


SoAlpha Exercise Ball is a nice-looking exercise ball made by SoAlpha. According to the company, this product comes as the authentic home gym package.

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Who is This Product For?

This product is ideal for people who might be looking for a good exercise ball packed with impressive features. SoAlpha Exercise Ball comes with free accessories in the package, making this product more compelling.

Key Product Features and Benefits

SoAlpha Exercise Ball is a featured-packed exercise ball with many great things to offer. It comes along with the comprehensive video which will show you over 100 exercises to try with this exercise ball. There are more things to enjoy from SoAlpha Exercise Ball. This one may help you a lot in improving your flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance regardless of the fitness level.

  • The Best Home Gym Package

SoAlpha Exercise Ball aims to let you have a good and amazing daily workout routine right in the comfort of your home. This exercise ball will let you have a full-body workout. You can use SoAlpha Exercise Ball for toning different body parts such as arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, and legs.

You can have a full-body workout routine even in the comfort of your home. This innovative exercise ball has a stable base and resistance bands that made it a comprehensive package.

SoAlpha Exercise Ball is a 65-cm exercise ball that can support up to 600 pounds. For accessories, you have two resistance bands weighing 15 pounds, a pump, and an exercise poster.

  • Tone Your Whole Body with the Resistance Bands

SoAlpha Exercise Ball comes with detachable resistance bands that will let you work on all parts of your body with more than 100 custom workouts. SoAlpha advises interested customers to watch their videos on the web showing the 100 best workouts to follow in using the SoAlpha Exercise Ball.

The resistance bands will help you perform the full body workout with ease. With that, you can do different exercises ranging from skull crushers to chest fly to bicep curls and tricep extensions.

  • Exercise with Stability

The inflatable base ring gives support. Thus, the SoAlpha Exercise Ball will stay stable during every exercise. This stability ball allows you to perform the exercises with the best form without causing the exercise ball to accidentally slide and move.

  • Watch Out Workout Video

Watch the video of those highly recommended exercises. These workouts are all fun and easy to follow. These exercises are also beginner-friendly.

  • Guaranteed Safe

SoAlpha guarantees that SoAlpha Exercise Ball is safe to use. This exercise ball comes with anti-burst PVC material that makes this exercise ball able to withstand unintentional cuts, scratches, and punctures.

Aside from that, there’s a stability ring that will help you in keeping the ball stay in place. These two features will help you ensure your safety in using the SoAlpha Exercise Ball.

What We Like

  • With resistance bands
  • Inflatable base
  • With free videos of exercises
  • Air pump

What We Don’t Like

  • Can support only up to 600 pounds of weight

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How much is SoAlpha Exercise Ball?

There’s no exact price for SoAlpha Exercise Ball. This exercise ball is widely available online and comes at different prices from one store to another. However, you can expect the price to be between $200 and $300. SoAlpha suggests checking several online shops to find the best price offer for this product.

I am a taller person. Is SoAlpha Exercise Ball right for me?

SoAlpha Exercise Ball measures 65 centimeters. It is not available in any other sizes. Therefore, SoAlpha Exercise Ball might be suitable only for persons who are less than 6 feet tall.

I weight 220 pounds. Can I use SoAlpha Exercise Ball?

Weight is not a big deal with SoAlpha Exercise Ball. This exercise ball is durable as it can withstand up to 600 pounds. This makes SoAlpha Exercise Ball a nice choice for a heavier person.

Does SoAlpha Exercise Ball Occupy Much Space?

No. SoAlpha Exercise Ball is only 65 centimeters. Therefore, you can put it in one of the four corners of your bedroom. Put the ball in its inflatable stability ring to keep it in place.

Can I also use SoAlpha Exercise Ball as a chair?

Sitting is safe and fun with SoAlpha Exercise Ball considering that it comes with a stability ring to keep the ball steady for hours. Therefore, users can use it as an alternative for their regular office chair.

Does SoAlpha Exercise Ball help correct bad posture?

This exercise ball offers the same function with other exercise balls in the market. It will teach you how to maintain proper balance and body alignment. Thus, it can help a lot in correcting bad posture.

Is there a money-back guarantee or a warranty?

There is no word about this. Only the company can tell you. Please get in touch with them directly to find out.

Is this exercise ball for men and women?

Exactly. Though it doesn’t come in different colors and sizes, SoAlpha Exercise Ball can be the best exercise ball for both men and women.

Final Verdict

Other SoAlpha Exercise Ball reviews may be telling this product is a good and compelling option as it comes with resistance bands that could make your everyday exercise routine more enjoyable. Despite those extras, I don’t consider recommending it to anyone for some reasons.

Its capacity to hold weight is lower compared to the capacities of other exercise balls that reach 2,000 pounds. Also, it is available only with just one size and color. Many of the exercise balls today are available in different sizes and colors to allow consumers to get the right option for them.

There are better choices in the market. Your options may include Trideer Exercise Ball. This item is among the most reviewed and recommended exercise balls so far.

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