Steps on How to Get Fresh in the Morning

Steps on How to Get Fresh in the Morning

waking up too early after a sleepless night can sometimes make you look stressed and tired. On the other hand, waking up late even if you slept early the night before can make you sluggish. There’s no perfect formula as to how one gets can fresh in the morning because it all depends on the person. For some reasons, getting fresh can be related to your attitude the moment you get out of bed. Does it sound strange? Feelings can change your mood but it is your attitude that will carry your aura in the morning. Aside from cosmetics to enhance your face and body or clothes to make you appear classy and good-looking, you may also try these steps to boost your attitude.

Get Up The Moment You Hear The Sound Of Your Alarm

Nothing will make you sluggish than waking up irritated by resetting the alarm every time you hear its sound. Practice the habit of getting up immediately the moment it wakes you up. Never underestimate the power of your brain to function right away even if you have just woken up. Just imagine adrenaline rush in this situation. Your mind becomes active when the brain signals that something urgent is happening. The sound of the alarm can actually be analogous to that feeling of urgency. There’s one problem here, though. If you are already used to the sound of your alarm, the feeling of urgency disappears. You may opt to change the sound of the alarm apart from the clock.

Head To The Bathroom Right Away

Never waste a second thinking what to do after you get out of bed. Head to the bathroom and take a shower. The running water is a very effective component in making you awake. When the water is cold, it makes your senses come alive and your brain active after staying static a night. What more, the water makes you feel refreshed when combined with scented soap, shampoo, and conditioner. When you smell something delightful, it also makes your whole being awake as the brain gets more activated by the scents. In addition, make sure to pamper yourself while inside the bathroom and take your time to fully make yourself awake. That way you will get fresh as soon as you step out of the bathroom.

Drink Something Cold

While caffeine can stimulate your brain, you may drink coffee or tea when you arrive at the office. At home, just drink something cold like juice or water after taking the shower. When your stomach is filled with cold fluid, it will react and sends you good feelings. Digestion takes place at night so your stomach was working the whole night. Giving it cold liquids in the morning is like giving a kid some ice cream as a treat or reward for doing his homework. This kind of treatment can actually bring positive thoughts as you make your stomach happy.

Prepare A Big Breakfast

Nothing can bring so much happier than a big, delicious breakfast. Starting your day can be hard because you can’t predict what’s going to happen at work or anywhere after. When you have breakfast, your mood will be set off and positive feelings may soon arise. Imagine having some pancakes, bacon, and eggs, you will surely delight yourself the whole day, right? You need food to generate energy and having good food in heaping portions doesn’t only give you enough energy to get by the day but also feelings of happiness for satisfying your palate. I always believe that getting fresh in the morning all starts with the right attitude and food can fuel your attitude the right way.

Think Of Good Thoughts And Reasons Why Your Day Will Be Good

Positive thoughts can go a long way so never undermine its impact to your day. Never get out of the house without bringing reasons to be happy. No matter what will happen outside, your thoughts that run your head will eventually overpower negative things. Because attitude makes you look fresh, you have to feed it with something lovely and wonderful. While it may be difficult to remain positive the whole day, starting your day on a good note can actually bring so much difference. So combine your attitude and happy thoughts to make it through the day.

The next time you doubt that only simple things can make you look fresh and not a handful amount of cosmetics, remember the days when things got overwhelming and your cosmetics never help you get fresh. You don’t need to spend so much on anything that gives you superficial feelings of being fresh. Just rely on your thoughts and always live that right attitude. After all, whatever is inside you gets reflected towards the outside and that’s what get you fresh.

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