Teslasz Fitness Tracker Review

Teslasz Fitness Tracker Review – Versatility on Your Wrist

It is important to have a fitness tracker that was not only made for kids but is also versatile enough for both adult men and women to use. In that regard, the Teslasz Fitness Tracker is the versatile and complete fitness tracker you should highly consider not only for your child but also for yourself.

Seeing as how affordable the Teslasz Fitness Tracker is, I wanted to try it on myself to see if it might be better than what its price might suggest. Surprisingly, it lived up to my expectations and even more. Read my review about it if you feel like this is the fitness tracker for your child.

A brief overview of the product

Made by Teslasz, which is a tech company that designs and sells affordable fitness trackers, As such, you can really tell that the Teslasz Fitness Tracker was made to be affordable but still on par with other fitness trackers in terms of overall quality and features. It is not only versatile but has a lot of functions that allow you to monitor how well you and your child are progressing in your fitness goals. In that sense, it has everything your child needs and it does not even break the bank.

Who is this product for?

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker was made for anyone to use. It does not matter whether you are the one using it or if it is for your child because it is versatile enough for any person of any age or gender to use it. On top of that, it was also made for the fitness enthusiast of a parent who is not willing to spend extra just to have a high-quality fitness tracker on his/her child’s wrists. That means that even those who do not have the budget for high-end fitness trackers for their kids can afford the Teslasz Fitness Tracker.

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Key features and benefits

  • Great for men and women as well as for children

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker was made not only for adult men and women but also for kids as well. That means that you can buy a fitness tracker not only for your child or children but for the entire family as well. All of you will be sharing your fitness goals while also competing against one another in terms of accomplishments.

  • Versatility in terms of functions and features

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker prides itself at being a very versatile fitness tracker in terms of features. It works as a pedometer that measures the number of steps you have taken during the day. It also tracks the distance you have covered as well as the calories you have burned in your workouts and during the entire day.

  • See calls and messages without checking your phone

Phone calls and text messages can ruin your workout and can distract you especially if you cannot help but taking your phone out of your pocket to check any notifications. However, the Teslasz Fitness Tracker allows you to show messages and phone calls. That means that you no longer have to take your phone out of your pocket if you get an important message or a phone call.

  • Reminds you to move if you are getting too lazy

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker has a sedentary reminder that actually tells you or your child to move and tells you that you are getting too sedentary. In a sense, it acts like a personal trainer that reminds you to move and exercise whenever you need to. For your child, it acts like a second parent that will tell him/her to do something physically productive.

  • Charge without a wire

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker comes with its own built-in USB plug that lets you charge it directly on a USB block or on a computer without using a wire. That makes it easier to charge as you no longer have to carry a wire everywhere you go just to charge your fitness tracker.

  • Visible LED display

The LED display on the Teslasz Fitness Tracker is very bright and visible. You just have to raise your writ to light it up as it automatically detects whenever you move you move your wrist in the natural motion you usually do whenever you are viewing a watch on your wrist.

What we like

  • It has versatile functions that allow you or your child to use it in a variety of ways.
  • Reminds you whenever you are getting sedentary.
  • Comes with a built-in USB plug that dispenses the need for a charging cable.

What we don’t like

  • The tracker tends to loosen up from the wristband.
  • The app can be a bit problematic and definitely needs a lot of improvement in terms of its overall smoothness.

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FAQ and additional tips

  • How do you tell if it is fully charged?

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker will tell you that it is fully charged when the LED screen turns green.

  • Are there different wristband sizes?

No. The Teslasz Fitness Tracker only has one wristband size but it is actually very adjustable and can fit adults and children alike.

  • Can you use it as a watch?

Yes, you can. However, you have to sync it with your phone so that it will follow the time on your mobile device.

  • How many devices can it link up with?

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker can only link up with one phone or mobile device. In that case, if you have more than one son or daughter, you have to link their fitness trackers with different devices.

Final Verdict

The Teslasz Fitness Tracker is a functional fitness tracker that comes with the same features you can see in most other fitness trackers. However, you can get it at almost half the price of other fitness trackers out there. It might have its flaws but if you can look past those, you will learn to love the quality of this fitness tracker. So do I recommend the Teslasz Fitness Tracker? I do.

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