Top 10 Exercises You Can Do At Home

When you think you’re too busy to manage your weight and stay fit, make time at home.

For most working people who do the daily grind, it has always been a challenge to keep themselves in shape with going to the gym is a non-option as work schedule, meetings, and paperwork pile up. When they reach home, exercise becomes non-existent as relaxation takes the center stage. Watching Netflix and checking their social media accounts while nibbling on some snacks seem to be the most tempting thing to do after a hard and monotonous day at work. Nonetheless, one should remember this: when it gets hard to make some time for exercise, that is actually the best time to push yourself to get up and get it done. You can utilize these exercises or alter them a little bit to cater to your body’s need for a progressive build up before exhausting all your energy.

Push-ups with a Twist

Find an elevated place like a table or bed and put your hands directly on it while taking into consideration the level of your shoulders. Stretch your legs downwards with your toes pointing directly on the floor to put more pressure on your hands, shoulders, and legs. Then start lowering your elbows by bending them and make sure your chest touches the edge of the table or bed. Repeat this exercise 5 times and get up. Rest for 30 seconds then get on the floor to execute the exercise 5 times again. This time you have to put all your strength all over your body sans the elevation. Alternate the elevated and non-elevated push ups twice so you reach 20 times.

Biceps Curls on Bended Knees

Bend your knees on the floor and find a balance to keep your back straight. Hold dumbbells in both hands and keep them on your sides while preparing to raise them. Make sure your wrists and forearms are holding the weight of the dumbbells as the strength is concentrated on the whole arms. Start raising your arms with weights slowly until they reach the shoulder level than count up to 3 while holding them steadily. Slowly lower your arms with weights and put them on your sides again. Repeat the exercise 10 times.


While keeping your feet planted on the floor, try to keep them apart with you hips aligning to them. Make sure you put your weight on your feet and draw strength from your legs. This method will tighten your abdominal muscles while toning your thighs and legs. Start the exercise by slowly bending your knees and squat as low as you can. Check your knees if they are directly facing your toes. Bring your legs and hips up then lower them again the lowest possibility you can reach. Count up to 20 to make this exercise effective.

Side Plank

Lie on the floor then turn to your left side while you straighten your knees. Use your left elbow and forearm to draw strength as you try to pull your whole body weight up. By slowly raising your hips and making your entire body straight from your ankles all the way to your shoulders, you are giving way to your strength to build up. Hold this left position and count to 20 then turn around slowly on your right side and repeat the exercise.

Alternating Cardio Exercise

You may need any of your cardio equipment to execute this exercise. You also need to repeat it 5 times to reach its full effectivity. The first 5 minutes of your energy spent on the equipment should utilize 50 percent of your overall capacity to do this cardio exercise. Try to speed up at 70 percent for the next 2 minutes then use your full capacity for 1 minute afterward. To alternate the exercise, make sure to go back to 70 percent then 50 percent using the same time limit for each speed.

Step Ups

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Find a bench or use the stairs for this exercise. Place any of your foot on the bench or step and put your strength into it so your body will be pushed up and your leg straightened. Slowly lower your whole body down so your other foot reaches the floor. Repeat the step 5 times.

Squat Jumps

Check your hips, thighs, and legs if they are parallel with the floor when you squat. Straighten your back and push your chest forward. Then raise your arms up to your shoulder level while on squat position. Jump abruptly and as high as you possibly can, turning your arms behind your back as you do it. Repeat 20 times.

Single-Led Deadlift

In your usual standing position, move one foot back while bending the front knee to keep the balance. Make your chest and back straight as you hold your weight equally. Slowly let your back knee reach the floor and get the support from your front foot as you stand back to your original position. Your arms movements must be well coordinated with the opposite leg movements.


Lie still on the floor then bend your knees towards you while keeping both feet on the floor. With your hands behind your head, elbows on the sides and thumbs placed right on the back of your ears, gently pull yourself up, concentrating on tightening your abdominal muscles. Stay on that curled position for a few seconds then slowly lie down again. Repeat 15 times.

Light Weight Lifting

Find any weights at home and make use of them. From something light to heavy, you may start lifting by standing on your feet firmly planted on the floor. Try to use water bottles for lighter weights and milk or water jugs for the heavier ones. Put your arms in front of you then slowly bend towards you. Repeat 20 times.

There you have it. Those are just 10 of the many not-difficult-to-do exercises you can do at home. Take time to add them to your daily routine and you’ll surely be surprised with the result.

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