Top 25 Biceps Exercises You Can Do

Biceps identifies a gym goer to a non-gym goer. It does not work this way before because prehistoric man has used its two upper arm muscles in clubs, weights and capture of food for survival. However, the imaging of healthy human being is still attributed to its most visible muscle right on the sleeves. Individuals with well-toned biceps are seen as healthy and strong. This can be attributed to our collective generational memory of man as a hunter.

Be an appealing human being by toning your biceps with this top 25 exercise.

Using Body Weight

There is no need to be in the gym to tone your upper arm muscles. The prehistoric man never did. Try to the following exercises you can do at home.

1. Push Up – Is more popular with building your core. However, since your arms provide balance during the exercise, both your biceps and triceps are ripped. Your starting position is to lie flat facing the floor. Place your palm on the side of your shoulders and slowly bring your whole body up. Your toes on both feet will provide your lower body foundation. Repeatedly bring your body up and down with the strength of your arms.

2. Punch Push Up – Is a modified version of push up. With the same starting position, bring your body up with the support of your arms.  Throw one arm and punch the air with your fist closed. Bring back your arm on the floor, return to starting position and release. Repeat.

3. Planking – Is the dumbest exercise, said no one who ever went to the gym. It uses your body weight to tone those upper arms and as well as your abdominal muscles, collectively. It is done by lying straight face down on the floor. Raise your body and place both your forearm on the floor. Your elbow should be straight to your shoulders. Keep yourself in this position the longer the more effective it becomes.

4. Side PlanksUsing your side arms as your balance, this tones both your biceps and triceps. Start with the basic planking position. Raise your right arm making a 90 degrees angle with the rest of your body. Hold for few counts. Return to basic planking position and try the other side of the body.

5. Single Arm Plank – Is another version of a plank. When you are in the plank position, raise one of your arm making a straight line from the tip of your fingers to your torso. Return to basic planking position and try the other arm.

6. Side Plank with Leg Lift – Is an extended modification of the side plank. The same instruction as above applies. Then, you will need to lift the upper leg. Bring it up and down like a scissor.

7. Chair DipYour starting position is sitting comfortably in a chair with legs as high as your lower leg. Your arms should be facing down and your legs are pulled away from the chair. Dip your butt to the floor while your arms are supporting your body weight. Bring your body up and down working on your arm muscles.

Using Dumbbells

Dumbbells are most commonly used gym equipment for toning your biceps. It is important that you use recommended dumbbells to biceps exercise. This ranges from 3 to 8 pounds.

8. Traditional Curls – Yes! The traditional curls will never be out of the list. Your starting position is by standing straight. Keep your arms tight to your torso and pull up your arms that your dumbbell reaches your chest. Repeat on the other arm.

9. Lateral Bicep Curl – Is a literal version of your traditional curls. Instead of bringing your forearms to your chest, you slightly bring your dumbbells to the sides of your shoulders. Release it by slowly placing your hands back on the side of your body.

10. Wide Curls Is another version of your traditional curls. Instead of pulling the dumbbells to your front chest, pull it up sidewards reaching your shoulders.

11. Hummer Curls – Standing straight and keep both dumbbells on the side of your body.  Pull it up to your shoulders at the same time. One ear of your dumbbells should be facing your shoulders.

12. Kickbacks – Is a bit advanced compared to the first five curl exercises. It uses your body weight to increase difficulty. It is done by bending your upper body forward as your starting position. Both of your dumbbells right in front of your chest, while your arms are tucked on the side of your torso. You raise your dumbbells to back your butt and pulled it back to your chest.

13. Kneeling Single Arm Curls – This is kneeling variation of your traditional curls. Instead of standing up, your starting position is by kneeling and your other free arm is on your hips. Repeatedly bring your forearm up to your shoulder. Take a 1-minute break and work on the other arm.

14. Standing Concentration Bicep Curls – Your initial position requires you to bend over that your elbow is at the same level with your either knee. Use the arm at the same side of your bended knee to support your dropping body weight. Bring the other arm holding the dumbbell towards your chest. Your palms should be facing upward.

15. Sitting Concentration Bicep Curls. This is a modified version of your Standing Concentration Bicep Curls. Instead of standing, you will be sitting on a bench. The same instruction as above.

16. Split Jack Curls – Is a modified hammer curl. From the same starting position, place your leg hip-width apart. Your arms and your elbows tucked in your torso. Do lunges by forwards your right leg and dropping your left knee at the back. While doing lunges, bring forward your dumbbells to your chest. Lift your torso and bring yourself back to the starting position.

17. Squat Concentration Curls – Does not only shape your biceps but also your butt, thighs, and calves. In a standing position, place your leg hip-width apart. With both arms tucked on the side of your body and holding a 2-pound dumbbell, do squats as you bring your forearm up to your side shoulders and elbows pressing inside your thighs.

18. Zottman Curl – Is another version of your traditional curl. With the same starting position, bring your forearm up to your chest and rotate your wrist 180 degrees. The palm should now be face out. Release by bringing your arms back to the side.

19. Inclined Dumbbell Curl – Is a more effective version of the traditional curl. With your back resting in an inclined bench and your arm resting on the side with dumbbells, gravity is adding difficulty to this modified version. Bring your forearms to your chest and hold for 2 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat.

20. Decline Dumbbell Curl – Is an upside-down version of the previous Inclined Dumbbell Curl. Your chest is pressed in the incline bench and your arms dangling down on the side, bring your forearm to your chest. Hold for 2 seconds and release.

21. Tricep Overhead Extension – Is done by using an 8-pound dumbbell. Raise both your arms with elbows tucked in your ears. Flex your forearms to the back of your head. Pull your forearms to the starting position and repeat.

Using Resistance Bands

The use of resistance bands can make your biceps workout effective because of the stress from the bands. This set of exercise only replaced a dumbbell intro a resistance bands.

22. Palms Up Using Resistance Bands – Your starting position should be standing straight with both of your hands holding the pulls of the resistance bands. Perform a traditional curl using the bands.

23. Reverse Grip Using Resistance Bands – Beat your standing position with both of your hands holding the pulls of the resistance bands. Your palms should be facing the down as you perform a traditional curl using the bands.

24. Hammer Grip Using Resistance Bands – Starts with standing straight in your back. While holding onto the bands, pull your forearm up to the side of your shoulders with palms facing your body. Bring your hands down by releasing the bands’ tension.

25. Lateral Grip Using Resistance Brands – Stand straight with your back and both arms holding the pulls of the resistance bands. Pull the resistance bands to the side extending your full body width. Return your hands on the side and repeat.

For beginners, the suggested set is 1 set (10 repetitions). Try all the 25 biceps exercise for 21 days straight and you will be ripped like a prehistoric man.

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