Top Reasons Why You Need a Gym Buddy

A survey of 4,000 people showed that at least 95% of New Year’s Resolution is fitness related. And almost 90% of these people give up on their resolution after only three months.

It is not easy sticking to a regular fitness routine as many barriers creep up when you least expect them. Among many others, these are the most common reasons for giving up:

  1. Short on time: 
    This is one of the most abused excuses to cast aside any regular physical activity routine. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, setting time for a work out is usually one of the first ones to go. Many people tend to forget the fact that stress relief is one of exercise’s many health benefits.
  2. Lack of support and motivation: 
    It happens to all of us. Many people tend to get bored easily with the same old activities. That is why it is always highly recommended to choose activities that you enjoy and have fun doing so as it will not feel like exercise at all. There are various exercise routines to choose from, such as dancing, swimming, walking, etc.
  3. Lack of knowledge: 
    This means knowing what you’re aiming for, having tangible targets in mind, and knowing how to perform the exercises correctly to produce results. Many people tend to give up after feeling that they have put forth time and effort but are not seeing the results.
  4. Short on money: 
    People often limit their exercise routines in the gym. They feel they need to use special equipment to reach their fitness goals. While it is true that these types of equipment can make it easier and more motivating to exercise, you can always be creative and create the right atmosphere at home. For instance, household items such as bottles can be used as weights. Or you can use body weights for resistance training, like push-ups and pull-ups.
  5. Lack of accountability: 
    It is easier to quit when committing only to yourself, with no one else to constantly check up on you. A study done by Stanford University showed the importance of having social support for people trying to forge new fitness routines.

To successfully start and maintain a regular exercise routine, it is important to squash these excuses and preconceived barriers in their tracks. One of the smartest moves you can do is to get a gym or workout buddy. Having the right active buddy can often spell the difference between failure and success.

They help you make it to the gym. 

Compared to canceling on a trainer, it is more difficult to cancel on a friend. You’ll be less likely to cancel knowing that a friend is counting on you to help them commit and get through a regular workout routine.

Working out becomes fun. 

Having a friend in the gym will feel like socializing but with a calorie burn. You can laugh it up and have fun while grinding through a fat-burning session, and you’ll both feel great about it. Several studies have come out supporting that those who enjoyed or had fun working out were more likely to have better exercise adherence. There is no doubt that having the right gym buddy can make workouts more fun.

They make it easier to try out new exercises. 

When you have a friend with you, it is much less intimidating to start a new class, step into the weight room, or try out new equipment. A workout buddy can give you more confidence from the get-go.

They’re honest and keeps your form on point. 

Ideally, a gym buddy is someone a little more advanced than you are, so they can show you the perfect form for your exercises and push you to the next level. However, even if you have someone with the same fitness level or even has less experience than you, they can still watch your form and correct any obvious form of mistakes.

You’ll work harder. 

Humans tend to be competitive, and a little healthy competition is a good thing because it pushes you to perform better. Having a partner that is fitter than you produces an effect called the Kohler effect, which means that you will try hardest not to be the weakest link or, in this case, workout buddy.

Embarking on a fitness resolution is always a struggle. There are many possible reasons and excuses for someone to want to stop exercising. Having a gym buddy, who can motivate and support you through a fitness plan, can make a huge difference. They can boost your fitness commitment and confidence to achieve your goals.

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