Top Reasons Why Your Treadmill Belt is Skipping or Slipping

Going to work out at home using a treadmill is much more comfortable for others than heading to the gym. Though additional work comes with ease — you’ll need to manage, configure, and repair the treadmill to maintain it and ensure that it is working smoothly. One typical problem is skipping on a treadmill belt. For certain instances, this question can be tackled by yourself until you contact an approved support center.

What is a Belt in a Treadmill?

It is a surface that is moving on your treadmill, which wraps across its running deck. This is often confused with just a type of rubber, but it is durable than rubber. Its rear side, which has a direct contact with on running deck, is made of a blend of cotton polyester, a monofilament, or urethane.

Causes of Skipping Treadmill Belt? 

There are many factors that could cause this same belt to slip, but there are still a variety of ways depending entirely on its real cause; you can always have it fixed. Here’s a glance at a few of the factors that cause slippage of your treadmill belt as well as how to fix them:

Treadmill Belt needs a Lubricant

The absence of adequate lubrication, mostly in treadmills, is among the main triggers for belt slippages. Treadmill design seems to be that it usually runs from your treadmill deck to something like a set of rollers and the friction obtained seen between belt, its deck and rollers should be decreased for a treadmill so it can run properly. If these elements are not sufficiently lubricated, it will not only be hard to maneuver the treadmill; however, the belt would also continue to slip once in a while, going to interfere with your complete work.

Furthermore, if you believe the belt volatility is induced by lacking sufficient lubrication, so consider lubricating it using some suitable lubricant in the market.

Loose Drive Belt 

Belt slippage is inevitable when its drive belt is slipping between its motor and its front roller. It would be great if you checked its front rollers. You will notice that if you move on your treadmill, and when its belt stop running and the engine is still running. If it also prevents the roller as well as the pulley, it’s an indication that its drive belt were donned out.

It has always been loose, and the belt will continue to slip almost now and then, no matter what you try. The solution is not to attempt to stiffen this as its simple to over-tightening that will increase the required to operate amps, and that may probably burn the engine.

The perfect plan is actually to start replacing its drive belt, and so you can avoid or rather prevent additional strain applied to its motor. Optionally, you could even try using a belt dressing gel to relieve your drive belt, something that you can purchase from the store as just an accessory for such a short term fix.

Too Loose Walking Belt 

You may expect a lot of slippages while using it if you have a loose walking belt. Several of the causes the belt could be losing is that it could have expanded out ordinarily with continual use as well as age, wherein case it’ll be able to prevent the slippage through tightening the belt properly.

You can confirm this when you lift it from the center, then if it can for about 3 inches against a running deck, lift much higher than before, it is indeed loose, then it will require tightening. It would be best if you referred to the owner’s manual on how to tighten up the loose belt depending on the make and model of your treadmill.

We suggest that you start to replace the busted belt because it is easier for you and safer for the users. Please know that if it is accidentally tightened too much, it may result in more damage to your device. 


You have read are some of the typical triggers of slippage of a treadmill belt, including how they can be repaired, some of them being simple repairs, while others are a little complicated. But one point worth mentioning is that frequent belt slippages may be prevented by routine treadmill treatment and repair, and if you’ve left your treadmill in a state of negligence, then you should undoubtedly start repairing it periodically so you don’t run into any other things like treadmill belt slippage that might get in the way of working out.

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