Top Yoga Apps to Guide You Anytime and Anywhere

If you have both Android and iOS phones, as well as you love doing yoga, you might probably encounter hundreds of yoga apps on them. Well, as we already know, yoga can provide different health benefits to us. It helps increase your overall flexibility, muscle strength, improve respiration, vitality, and energy. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know anybody to help you with yoga, you might probably seek help right through your phone. As said earlier, tons of yoga apps can be downloaded directly on your phone. It will help you with the basics as well as can also assist those veteran ones. So, here are the top yoga apps to guide you anytime, anywhere.

Asana Rebel

This app has one of the top-rated famous yoga mobile applications in both Android and iOS. It also hit thousands of reviews (Apple iTunes alone). It can offer not just only yoga but also guided meditations, challenges, and high-intensity workouts. This application also focuses on everything from building strength to burning fats. Asana Rebel app provides classes with more high-energy rather than a traditional yoga session. It may also provide selections, especially 5-minute mini workouts.

Pocket Yoga

After you download this through your phone, it will download everything, and there is no need to connect to any internet connection. If you run out of data or without any internet connection in your home, you can still be able to access 27 included yoga sessions. These sessions can vary in duration and difficulties that you can choose which one is the best for you. The app also consists of a dictionary that will help you through the steps for a good posture and alignment of your move. It is suitable for both novice yoga practitioners and veterans alike for better and well-practiced ways of yoga.

5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga is for free in both Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is a quick and effective yoga application that will teach you no longer than 5 minutes. The app will help improve your flexibility, tone muscles, reduce stress, as well as increase your strength. With just 5 minutes a day with this app, you can all improve it with this simple and straightforward app.


Grokker is one of the most well-loved by yoga lovers who also love to switch up workouts with pilates, HIIT, and many more. This yoga app has thousands of videos for yoga that can easily be filtered as you choose. It can let you select your desired duration, intensity, and equipment. The app also offers 80 goal-oriented programs such as “Weight Management Jumpstart” and “21-Day Happy Yoga Challenge”. Additionally, this app will let you schedule the videos for your future yoga session or workout and will track once you’ve already finished it. There are also non-yoga features such as healthy cooking and other tips.

All in all, the mentioned mobile apps above can help you with your yoga session. There are thousands of them that you can download through your phone. So, we hope that the mentioned apps above will help you in your current as well as your future yoga sessions.

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