TwobeFit Fitness Tracker Review

TwobeFit Fitness Tracker Review – Your Multipurpose Fitness Companion

Because of how wide the fitness tracker market has become, it can be difficult for you to get a good quality product for your child. But an exceptional fitness tracker that was made specifically for kids is the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker.

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is not one of the most popular products on Amazon as it barely has any reviews. However, that still does not take away the fact that it might be a good choice for you and your child. So I had to try it out to see if it functions well enough for my standards. Check this review out if you want to know more about it.

A brief overview of the product

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is a multifunctional product that has a lot of features you and your kids can use to monitor your activities and to help you reach your fitness goals. TwobeFit might not be the most well-known name in the industry but it certainly knows how to make fitness products that are actually pretty good. This product is actually the manufacturer’s first attempt to penetrate the fitness tracker industry but it certainly is not the last given how it seems like a good product as it is.

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Who is this product for?

Made by a fresh new face in the fitness industry, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is a product that is for fitness enthusiasts and parents who want their children and the entire family to get into fitness. As such, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker was designed to be wearable and usable by men, women, and children. And because it is a relatively affordable fitness tracker, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker was also made for fitness enthusiasts looking for something to help them in their workouts but is a product that isn’t very expensive.

Key features and benefits

  • Can be used by adult men and women and also children

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is very versatile in the sense that it works for adults and also for children. That means that you can buy one for each member of the family so that all of you will be able to share a common fitness goal together or even compete with one another in terms of who was able to reach milestones and goals faster.

  • Use it for almost any fitness purpose

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is multifunctional and has several purposes and uses. That means that you can use this fitness product in a variety of ways. It has a pedometer that counts your steps, alarms that help notify you of certain events during the day, and remote camera shooting function that allows you to use your phone’s camera without holding it.

  • It tells you if you are getting sedentary

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker has a sedentary alert that lets you know when you are getting too lazy and sedentary. So if it thinks that you haven’t been active for an extended period of time, it will alert you of such and will tell you that you need to move and be active.

  • Track your sleep

If you want to know how good a quality of sleep you are getting on a nightly basis, you can use the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker to track your sleep. It shows data regarding deep and light sleep and also records exactly how long your sleep was. As such, you can understand how sleep is tied up to your fitness and how you can better improve the quality of sleep you are getting.

  • Wire-free charging

With its built-in USB, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker can be charged without the use of a charging cable. Simply plug it in a computer or in a USB adapter if you want to charge it. This allows you to carry it around and charge it without the need to carry a separate charging cable.

  • Mix and match with your style

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker’s wristband can be removed and changed. That means that you can get other wristband colors and change the one you have on your fitness tracker in case you feel like it needs a fresh look. This also allows you to mix and match the color of your fitness tracker’s wristband to that of the style and look you are trying to pull off.

What we like

  • Versatile enough and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Great at tracking your sleep and in giving you data about your sleep quality and pattern.
  • No need for wires because it already comes with its own USB plug for efficient charging.

What we don’t like

  • The wristbands are a bit too thick.
  • The Veryfit pro app needs a bit of work and a lot of improvements since it is still quite new.

Get TwobeFit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon

FAQ and additional tips

  • Can you use it for swimming?

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker has an IP67 water rating and can be used underwater. It is water resistant and is a good companion for those looking to track their swimming workouts.

  • Can you change the wristbands?

The wristbands can be changed and there are three other wristbands colors available. However, the seller has not made the other colors available for sale but is certainly planning to do so.

  • How big are the wristbands?

The wristbands on this fitness tracker can go as long as 8.6 inches and as short as 5.5 inches. That makes it ideal for adults and for children.

  • Does it have its own camera?

No. However, you can use it for remote controlling your phone’s camera so that you no longer need to hold on to your phone when taking photos or videos.

Final Verdict

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is a terrific product for you to use at the price it comes with. It might still be a newcomer in the playing field but it has already proven itself worthy of my consideration and perhaps even yours. As such, I recommend it.

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