TwobeFit Fitness Tracker Review

If you’re looking for a comprehensive workout fitness tracker and watch, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is a smart choice. Read this TwobeFit Fitness Tracker review and see how this suits your active lifestyle!

Who Is This Product For?

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is a stylish smartwatch wristband suitable for men, women, and children. I bought it in Amazon and from the first time I used it, I set my step goal every day. I highly recommend this fitness tracker to all types of fitness fans, including the following:

  • Elderly or Seniors: The LED screen display shows the time in big numbers, perfect for senior citizens who also want to monitor heart rate and steps per day. Fitness trackers and smartwatches help prevent heart attack and stroke.
  • Professionals: Because of the modern look and intuitive interface, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is perfect for professionals, who want to welcome every sunny morning with a good exercise regimen, like jogging or running before work. I use it whenever I need to monitor my daily steps when walking heading for work.
  • Students: Teenagers love the modern look of the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker with cool LED display to show time and date. It’s a perfect pair for school uniform or even for casual wear.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Exercise Scientifically

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker helps you create an exercise plan based on your body metrics, such as your heart rate, sleep, and the number of steps you’re willing to complete in a day. By doing so, it’s easier for you to set SMART fitness goals and achieve your workout goals sooner.

  • Versatile Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile fitness tracker for your multiple sports? Like the Lintelek Smart Band, the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is equipped with a reliable app, allowing you to check your activity average speed,  energy consumption, workout route, and distance. It is a superior fitness tracker that enables the pure enjoyment of your favorite sports or exercise.

  • Accurate Sleep Quality Monitor

It’s now possible to accurately monitor your total effective sleeping time every night. By being aware of your sleep quality, you can better assess and understand your sleep quality, so you can seek appropriate treatment as needed. You can automatically monitor your sleep with this fitness watch, including light and deep sleep time. The sleep quality analysis accurate and effective so you can maintain a healthy status.

  • Water-Resistant

Because the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker is rated IP67, it is waterproof. It means that you don’t have to worry when you accidentally wash your hands while wearing it or you got caught in the rain while running in the park or anywhere outdoors. It is safe for activities, such as surfing, swimming, and other underwater activities 3.3 feet or below for less than 30 minutes.

  • Smart Connectivity

With GPS integration, this fitness tracker can be connected to your smartphone to help monitor your activities. You’ll always know where are and where you’ve been. Also, you’ll get text messages, calls, and sedentary alerts through vibration. The sedentary reminder allows you to move and prompt activity change if you’re too focused on your work, like working in front of your computer for several hours.

I used to work five hours straight in front of my laptop without stretching or walking. That’s why I felt so heavy and sluggish. With the automatic alerts of TwobeFit Fitness Tracker, I’ve learned the importance of moving when you’re stuck in one position such as sitting or prolonged standing.

  • Long-lasting Battery

As you’ll read on the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker manual, this smart wristband can be used up to 7 days with a full charge. You only have to charge it 1 to 2 hours to become fully charged.

  • Wide Compatibility

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker app supports most smartphones with a Bluetooth feature of 4.0 or above. The support system is iOS 7.1 or above, such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and Android devices of 4.4 or above, such as Samsung S8, Samsung S7, and LG HTC. It won’t work with tablets and computers, as well as Windows systems.

  • Reliable Daily Activity Tracker

With four-sport modes that accurately record all-day activities, this waterproof activity tracker helps count steps, distance, and calories burnt. It provides continuous heart rate monitoring with blood oxygen monitor function, helping you maintain a good health condition.

  • Never Miss Your Messages and Calls

You’ll never miss any important call, text message, or social network notifications with the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker because it comes with a sedentary alert and calls reminder.

What We Like

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nice design
  • Waterproof
  • Works great for social media networks

What We Don’t Like

  • An app needs the patience to work

Get TwobeFit Fitness Tracker at Amazon

FAQ & Additional Tips

  • Does this fitness tracker have replacement bands available?

Yes. The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker Watch has a color screen with replacement bands. You can use the different colors of replacement bands for a colorful, challenging, and healthy lifestyle.

  • How do you charge this activity tracker?

Make sure to charge your TwobeFit Fitness Tracker before using it the first time.

Here’s how to charge the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker before initial use:

  1. Take a USB plug out of the strap.
  2. Insert the end of the USB plug with metal strips inside the charging port.
  3. To charge the opposite side, flip it over if the screen isn’t displayed.
  • How do I connect it with my phone?

To benefit from the best features of the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker, you need to pair it with your phone to perform other functions too. If you experience connection issues, scan the QR code on the manual or on the box to download the JYouPro app. You can also download this app from Google play and app store in your smartphone.

Here’s how:

  • Enter app
  • Choose Device
  • Select scanning device
  • Choose YN5
  • Select pairing

Note: This fitness tracker won’t work with iPad, Windows phones, PC or laptops.

Once you pair your phone with the tracker correctly, the time automatically synchronizes with your phone. Make sure that your smartphone is nearby the tracker, about 16 feet.

  • How do I check the app data?

If you want to check the app data, just click the circle icon found on the right top to release ‘Refresh’, and then wait until shows 100% synced.

Final Verdict

The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker helps me take care of myself. While I have to juggle the tasks I need to do every day, I find this reliable fitness tracker worth the investment. I highly recommend this fitness tracker to everyone who wants to stay healthy and fit. The price is reasonable, so it won’t hurt your budget.

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