Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review – Is This The Best Multivitamin for Bodybuilding?

Building strong, firm and fantastic muscles do not happen in a day. You need the best nutrition, the right exercise regimen and the most efficient multivitamin for bodybuilding. One popular brand is the Universal Nutrition multivitamin; this is a Universal Nutrition Animal Pak review which will see if this bodybuilding multivitamin keeps to its promise.


Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is from Animal, a brand known for its quality supplements and multivitamins. It also has joint supplements, sports nutrition multivitamins, amino acid and more. Animal supplements have balanced nutrients, are all-natural, easy to digest and are made from high-quality ingredients. You can find Animal products from online shopping sites and fitness sites as well as from local fitness shops.

Who is the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak for?

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is made from men and women who want to develop strong and firm muscles using nutrients. It is for

For people who want to develop strong muscles

This multivitamin contains nutrients that you’ll need to develop strong and large muscles the right way. Its formula is made up of natural nutrients that will help you recover during injury and get you back on track as well.

For people who want an easy to digest formula

This multivitamin is available in a formula that is easier to digest and therefore you can expect results quickly as well.

For people who want to recover from injury faster

Injury is impossible to prevent especially when you are training very hard to build muscle. This supplement has nutrients that will help you recover quickly from an injury so you can fight back and train harder.

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Key product features and benefits

Comes with amino acids

Your body needs natural, top quality amino acids that will help your muscles grow bigger and stronger. Universal Nutrition has the best quality amino acids which you cannot get from regular food or from other supplements. This is why it is preferred by more bodybuilders as well as people who would like to build muscles, athletes, and coaches.

With antioxidants

You need the power of antioxidants to help you evade sickness as well as different health conditions. Antioxidants will protect the body from the effects of harmful free radicals and thus you can prevent illness, even cancers when you use this multivitamin. Harmful free radicals are also present when we are stressed when we are exposed to smoke and even stress.

With digestive enzymes

You’ll find this easy to digest and can be taken with minimal side effects of bloating and gas. The natural ingredients include digestive enzymes which can help develop the digestive tract. You will have a healthier colon which can absorb nutrients better when you take this multivitamin on a regular basis.

Comes with immune support nutrients

Nutrients found in the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak support the health of the immune system. You need a healthy immune system so you can fight diseases and stop infections.

Helps you recover from injury

You can’t avoid injuries while training. Sometimes the more you train, the more you’ll expect injuries which can start with cuts and scrapes until you get muscle strain and pains. This multivitamin comes with nutrients that will help support the body as it repairs injuries, especially muscular injuries.

What we like about the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

  • Sports nutrition multivitamins
  • Comes with amino acids963.
  • Prevents harmful free radical effects
  • Easy to digest
  • Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders
  • Offers immune support
  • Will support muscle recovery

What we don’t like about the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

  • Very large pills her
  • Urine color and smell changes

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FAQ and Additional Tips

How do you take Universal Nutrition Animal Pak?

You need to consume two scoops of this multivitamin to get the best results. You will mix the two scoops in water to create a better-tasting drink. Usually, it would take time before this powder becomes completely dissolved. You may use a blender to completely mix all the ingredients. At this time, you may add fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs to create a better-tasting drink.

What is the recommended dose for this bodybuilding multivitamin?

The recommended dose is a scoop per use. This comes with its own scoop so you can easily measure how much powder you are taking. Always keep this scoop dry especially when you want to prepare your multivitamin drink. The recommended dose is for daily use. You may ask your trainer or doctor for the ideal dose according to your needs.

How do you take supplements without feeling nauseous?

There are many ways to avoid nausea. You can take this with food or beverage is one. Just drizzle on your favorite food or dish. Use the same amount of powder with food and beverage. You can also reduce your intake to just half of the recommended dose to completely reduce side effects.

Final Verdict

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is a multivitamin for bodybuilding. It is in dry powder form benefiting people who are squeamish about taking vitamin pills or tablets.  It is a sports and nutritional vitamins that have amino acids for improved muscle growth, antioxidants to protect from harmful free radicals effects, and digestive enzymes for a healthy digestive tract.

This powdered multivitamin is for athletes and bodybuilders and has a few negative comments like its strong effects. The best way is to take this supplement with food or beverage to completely reduce side effects. You can get the most out of using this multivitamin powder by using it correctly and under the supervision of a weight trainer or doctor if you want to improve muscle size.

There are a few flaws to this multivitamin. It tastes different, it may cause bloating and gas plus it is hard to find other flavors. We recommend the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak despite these flaws.






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