UYTHNG Abs Stimulator Review: Will This Muscle Trainer Enhance Your Muscular Form?

Sculpting your abs, shoulder muscles and chest muscles have never been easier with an abs stimulator. Bodybuilders use this device along with weights, to get the most out of building leaner and more pronounced muscles. An abs stimulator is for body training and when worn regularly, can shape and strengthen the body as fast as a few months.

One of the most popular abs sculptor or abs stimulators in the market today is the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator. This is a set of portable muscle stimulators worn over the muscle area which provides variable intensity levels. These portable pads will pulsate to exercise, stimulate and sculpt the muscle group.


As you use weights to train your muscles, you may not be able to completely and efficiently form your body in the desired sculpted appearance. The UYTHNG Abs Stimulator will help you gain an improved figure in just a few weeks of consecutive use.

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  • Comes with variable exercise modes

The recommended way to use the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is only for 20 minutes, 2 times a day for around 6+ weeks. You can choose from six different exercise modes and 10 intensity settings from a quick warm-up to a high-intensity routine.

According to manufacturers, using the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is similar to doing sit-ups for 30 minutes, a 2000 mile run, 30 minutes of swimming and about 2 weeks of strict dieting. In short, you’ll get fit and well-formed muscles in no time.

  • Targets specific muscle groups

The UYTHNG Abs Stimulator pads are placed on the abdominal muscles and on each of the upper arm muscles. These muscle groups are complex therefore you need more than just weights and exercise routines to shape them up.

The pads are called close skin gel conduction paths which will cover the muscle group that you wish to work on. The large butterfly-like pad is applied on the upper or lower abdomen while the two smaller pads may be applied on the arms, waist, and thighs or on the buttocks.

The pads vibrate very fast and thus spot improves the different muscle groups. Small controls found on the middle of the pads will let you select how intense or how relaxing you want the pads to vibrate. A very small, LCD screen with no backlight is found near the control buttons which will tell you what mode the pad is in.

The pads are rechargeable using a USB charger. You may need to wait for a few hours for a pad to completely charge before using. But you don’t have to wait because these pads come with a triple mini USB cord that can charge all three pads simultaneously.

  • Versatile ab stimulator pads

One of the selling points of the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is that you can use this almost anywhere you are. Because the pads are so thin (except for the controls that protrude at the middle) you can use this underneath clothing. You can workout discretely, wherever you are.

These pads have a default 20 minutes setting and will automatically power off afterward. And for safety and to conserve power, these gel pads will never work when not in contact with skin.

Who is the UYTHING Abs Stimulator for?

The UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is for men and women, for anyone who wants to enhance their built, form and overall muscular appearance.

• This is for people who want to build muscle. It can be used together with active weight training as well as diet and rest to transform underdeveloped muscles into defined, well-formed muscle groups.

• This is for people who want to stay trim. It is recommended for slimming and toning the body. It spot corrects different problem areas of the body like the abdominals, arms, and thighs.

• This is for busy people. Because the gel pads are flat and almost undetectable underneath clothing, you can use these even if you are not actively working out at the gym.

Key product features and benefits

  • Flexible and portable

The pads are portable, easy to use and can be placed on different muscle areas of the body. It will retain its shape and adhere to the skin using strong yet safe adhesive gel. It can support even irregular muscle areas like the abdomen.

  • Easy to control

The small controller attached to the pad is easy to use. It’s easy to cycle through the different speeds settings just by pressing two buttons. However, the screen on each controlled is very small and the numbers on the screen can be very difficult to read.

  • Good adhesive pads

When you exercise, you sweat a lot but this gel pad abs stimulator will not detach from your skin. It will also remain on the skin no matter how you move. A special belt is available to keep the large abdominal pad on the skin.

What we like

• Can be used secretly underneath clothes

• Has varying speeds

• Pads may be used on different muscle areas

• Will not irritate the skin

What we don’t like

• The screen on the controls is too small

• No way to find out the battery level while in use

Get UYTHNG Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

  • How do you clean the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator?

The UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is safe to use on the skin even for an extended period of time. To clean, gently peel it off from the skin and detach it from the controls. Wipe this with a damp cloth and follow with a soft dry cloth.

  • What do you do when the gel pads lose their stickiness?

These gel sheets may need to be replaced after being used for 30 times or 30 days after opening because these may lose its stickiness. Extra gel pads are included in the package.

  • How to tell if I need to charge this abs stimulator?

This pad comes with a power self-check function; therefore, you can tell if the pads need to be charged before use.

Final verdict

The UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is an easy to use fitness tool for anyone who would like to have well-formed muscles. But to be effective, it has to be used together with a personal weight training plan, the right diet and rest.

We recommend this abs stimulator pad because of its many impressive features. And if you think that the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator is for you, don’t hesitate to check it out here.

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