Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger Without Exercise

In this age when beauty and body are placed on the pedestal, both women and men work harder to get those to-die-for bodies and attention-grabbing beauties. One of the most frequently asked questions related to a body is how to actually make your butt bigger without exercise. People, especially women with beautifully shaped, big butt look really attractive. The butt, when its form is emphasized, becomes the highlight of the body. The mindset that a beautiful butt enhances everything motivates a lot of people to find several ways to make theirs bigger and more prominent looking. But is there really an instant ticket to making your butt bigger without exercise? It may sound strange but there are ways to enhance your butt without exerting too much effort on the process.

The Bigger The Butt, The More Attractive Your Body Becomes

If your goal is to have a beautiful body, you need to work on your butt. Considered as the golden crown of the back, nothing is more attractive than having a big and perky butt. While some people have different preference on breast sizes (another highlighted feature of the body), the butt is an exception. You will never encounter someone who wants a smaller butt because that is of course not attractive. Imagine yourself wearing pants and skirts that perfectly fit the shape of your body but your butt is too small to be noticed. Your body won’t look as attractive because that feature isn’t fully emphasized.

Cosmetic Surgery For Bigger Butt

I know this may sound strange especially for those who never considered surgery to enhance the size of their butt, but this comes in the most practical way as far as time is concerned. In just a few hours, you will have your butt operated and become bigger. Most solutions offered by cosmetic surgeons for this procedure are the silicon pads. If you prefer to have your butt enhanced, the surgeon will make incisions on your butt skin and insert the silicon pads there to create two equal mounds. Depending on the size you want, you can the ones that will make your butt the highlight of your body. While there are some drawbacks to this procedure like the risk of getting botched and leaking of silicon pads in some cases, most operations have been successful in the past few years. This cosmetic surgery is also the favorite of some entertainment artists because of the easy technique and availability.

Botox For Enhanced Butt

Botulism Toxin or known as Botox can also be applied if you want to achieve the bigger butt you have always wanted. Were you surprised? Perhaps you only heard this procedure being used for wrinkles or creating a nose bridge for a couple of months. The truth is, Botox can actually enhance your butt as well. Because this poison paralyzes the nerves in order to stretch the part where enhancement is needed, it can be applied to flat and sagging butt. By simply injecting the poison directly to the butt cheeks where visible nerves are located, the enhancement procedure may take in less than an hour with results that can be comparably the same as the silicon pad procedure. Depending on the cosmetic surgery clinic you prefer to have the procedure done, prices vary. The downside of this procedure, though, is the short lasting effect of the poison. It may expire in 6 months and would require you to have the procedure done again if you want to maintain the same size butt.

Butt Massage

Although butt massage hasn’t been proven an effective technique for butt enhancement, more women are trying it out. This procedure is done by massaging the butt cheeks from sideways up for at least 30 minutes using massage oil. This is perhaps the reason why more women get curious and eventually try. Imagine yourself getting a very relaxing massage for 30 minutes with the added benefit of making your butt bigger. It sounds cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to have such 2-in-1 method at a price 90% lower than all the other butt enhancement procedures combined? Some masseuse claim that the elasticity of your skin can be manipulated and pushed to form perfect mounds of butt. Again, there has been no proven results to this procedure but some people continue to believe it will definitely take effect if done frequently with a professional masseuse.

Take note that no procedure is perfect for any enhancement because it goes beyond the natural order so your preference and expectations should be managed. Moreover, if you are a person who wants to exercise, butt enhancement can be done through different workouts. Once done religiously and patiently, results can be seen in a few months. Without using any chemical or artificial agents, butt enhancement exercise can still be the best option if you want you to want that curvier back.