What are the Benefits of Using an Elliptical Trainer?

You see people at your gym exercising on an elliptical trainer, but have you tried using one for yourself? Many people think that the elliptical is senseless, irrelevant, and a waste of time. But, to us, it’s the other way around. Elliptical machines offer many benefits that help start a new life.

There is no other way to become fit and healthy than the exercise regularly, and there’s no better way to workout than using an elliptical machine. Probably, you may have a lot of questions about the equipment, which we hope we can answer, especially about the significant advantages that go along with the machine. 

1. Eliminate Belly Fat

One of the many reasons why you should use elliptical is due to its effective way of burning fats. Together with bodyweight workout, an elliptical helps you achieve those sexy abdominal muscles that you’ve wanted for so long. 

It is reported that aerobic workout is the most efficient way of burning calories in a shorter time. This, in contrast to the ancient belief that endurance training was the best option to get rid of fat, mainly the belly fats. 

Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even put you in danger of having cancer. The machine burns more calories as it combines many movements in one. It makes you involve your stomach muscles to keep balance, particularly when you don’t have arm supports. 

Also, they join your arms while using your legs as well. It’s like the top stair climber you could ever envision. These things eliminate serious calories, and indeed it’s a better way to reduce abdominal fat.

2. Impact Free

Elliptical machines are impact-free, and it doesn’t shock your joints and bones joints with each step. The same could not be said for various other high impact workouts such as running. High Impact exercises cause injuries to your joints for an extended period.

That injury can pile up and lead to some severe joint problems going forward. Elliptical trainers don’t need your feet to lift off the pedals, which means that there are no dangerous effects. As compared to running or jogging, the machine saves your knees and ankles from severe injuries. 

3. Intensify Weak Leg Muscles

The next massive benefit of using the machine is its ability to repair or improve a few different leg muscles. More studies show that the elliptical machine focuses the quadriceps and leg muscles more than jogging, sprinting on the treadmill, and biking.

This means that if your leg muscles and quadriceps are weak, an elliptical machine is the best way to intensify them. Even better is the truth that you can cycle backward on the trainer, which is better for the leg muscles than going forward.

Exercising on an elliptical every day is an excellent idea if you always run or cycle as a cardio workout. The only drawback of running and cycling is that it’s not good to gather your butt muscles and outer hip muscles. That makes them weaker than the rest of your legs. Thus, an effective way to repair muscle disparity is to exercise regularly on the elliptical.

4. Improved Balance and Flexibility

This is very important if you suffered from hip damage, needed hip surgery, or had ACL surgery. Using an elliptical machine imitates the natural movement of running or walking. 

A lot of what it does is a combination of motor memory and the way our brains process it. The repetitive movement or copying on an elliptical will guide your balance and familiarize the natural action of moving again.

Another way that elliptical trainers can help is to improve balance and flexibility as it helps your hips recover their wide range of movement. It helps the bones beyond just walking as there isn’t high impact engaged, and the elliptical settings fix your legs slowly without imperiling injury or reinjury. Most medical facilities promote the use of elliptical machines to improve legs and hips after severe surgeries. 

5. Boost Your Training

Training regularly with the use of an elliptical trainer heightens the number of calories you burn. A study conducted at the University of Idaho shows that elliptical machines are beneficial because as the pace length rises, so does the number of calories burned. Also, increasing the pace length on an elliptical machine not only eliminates more calories, but it also does not feel like you’re doing any activity than if the pace is shorter. Hence, you can increase the calories burned by making the speed longer, something the trainer can do.

6. Versatility

The sixth reason an elliptical trainer is among the ideal options for exercising is its versatility. It’s easy to focus on a specific muscle group with the machine if you can cycle back-and-forth on them, hence, allowing you to concentrate on a particular hamstring.

They also urge you to commit your core and use your arms as well. Depending on the muscles you want to focus on the most, you can get the help of an elliptical machine. Like for example, if your target is the abdominals, then avoid using the arm holds.

Elliptical machines are also versatile in that you can control the speed and the slope of your preference. If you are a newbie, begin on a little slope while going at a low rate. Those who are working out for a hill climb or extreme marathon would benefit from adjusting the hill as high as possible while going at top speed. It comes with various preset workout programs that allow you to select certain routines to endure. They are adjustable, and all can seek a solution to do elliptical work for them. 

7. Develop Your Aerobic Capability

You should consider working out on an elliptical machine because it helps increase your aerobic capability. This is about the highest rate of oxygen intake that your physique can process. The more oxygen your body can take while working out, the longer and more challenging you can work out. 

Since exercising on the machine is an aerobic exercise, it increases the body’s oxygen amount that can process each time you start. Eventually, it will improve your resistance and strength.

Thus, you can do physical activities for an extended period because of increased oxygen consumption, all from doing an elliptical workout. You can do more cardio, weight lifting for longer, and do things without getting out of breath after some minutes. 

8. Increases Your Musculoskeletal Health

The eight reason why use an elliptical trainer is because it builds your musculoskeletal health. Your bones will become healthier, more energetic, and thicker.

Weight-bearing training is something that supports boosting your bone’s strength. In case you didn’t know, exercising on an elliptical machine is considered as weight-bearing exercise. It includes being on your feet always, hence, weight-bearing.

These types of workout make your bone sturdier as the regular weight on your bones and muscles, mixed with your muscles pulling on the bones from motion, leads your bones to create more bodyweight and makes cells develop.

Therefore, your bones get denser and thicker every time you do weight-bearing training like the elliptical. Having sturdier bones is very important in your oldness to avoid bone and joint ailments and weak bones.

9. Elliptical Trainer Is an Excellent Cardio Exercise

You should try using an elliptical trainer from time to time because it offers an excellent cardio exercise and gets your heart pounding. Like for example, an elliptical trainer gets your heart beating a lot harder than the treadmill, and that isn’t because you must work more.

An elliptical can work your heart and lungs longer than the treadmill, pedal, or stair climber, and you don’t even have to make more energy. Also, people who are working out on an elliptical trainer are feeling more tired than on various other kinds of training.

Runners claim to have a feeling of much more exhaustion, specifically in the legs after being on the machine in contrast to other kinds of aerobic training or cardio workout. The trick in using elliptical to achieve great results like the different aerobic exercise is to try hard, 

The trick to using an elliptical to get better results than with other aerobic exercises is to go hard, increase the slope, and go as soon as you can manage.

We cannot go over the advantages of cardio training in lots of details. All we can say is that your heart and lungs can function better, your muscles get more oxygen, and can help avoid yourself from many diseases going forward. Also, it will strengthen bone density, alleviate stress, and help get quality sleep as well. 

10. Achieve Full Body Exercise

Another great advantage that elliptical machines provide is that you can have full-body exercise. It does not even feel like you’re doing all the work. An elliptical machine trains your legs like no other.

Also, these machines urge you to involve your core as it makes you equalize yourself; hence, help you work out your abs. Elliptical includes moving poles to grasp as well.

Aside from helping you with your workout, the machine also ensures that you move your arms. This may be unbelievable, but the trainer gives a whole-body training, almost no other workout machine can.

11. Convenient to Use

You will love elliptical because it is user-friendly. Exercising on the machine is as easy as stepping on it, pushing several buttons on the settings, and getting started. It trains your whole body, so no need for a healthy workout routine or circuit training, it’s just a straightforward workout. The trainer is easy to operate, and the practice itself is even more straightforward. 

12. Multi-Tasking 

The twelfth reason as to why you must use an elliptical machine is because they boost motivation. You can handle multiple tasks at once while working out on them. You can put the elliptical machine right in front of your T.V, and you can read a book while training, as well as many trainers even come with inbuilt speakers, so you get to listen to your favorite playlists. 

13. Compact and Handy

The last reason why an elliptical trainer is recommended is that it’s handy and compact. An elliptical machine doesn’t require too much space. You can place it in your bedroom, basement, or anywhere you have a few feet extra space.

You don’t require a whole gym to workout; all you just need is elliptical and convenient too. You can get one for yourself as a home exercise machine, and it does not take too long to achieve a good exercise on them. Elliptical helps train your body immediately.


If you’re still unconvinced that an elliptical trainer is one of the coolest things for you, you should talk to someone who exercises regularly on the equipment. No one is forcing you to start using one, but you must know how effective it can be at keeping you toned, strong, and healthy. Many elliptical trainer benefits are available online, and 13 of the best ones are listed in this article. 

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