What is Weight Bench, and How is it Used?

A weight bench is a piece of vital equipment you can use when having a weight training program and Crossfit training. But it can also be used when doing simple presses. Even simple exercises can go over all of the muscle groups.

You can have it at home so you can increase the varieties of workout even though you’re not in the gym. There are different types of a weight bench, and knowing each of them will let you discover which one is best for your needs. 

Different Types of Weight Benches

Weight benches have upright racks that are situated at the end. This rack supports the use of weights and barbells. The user can lie or sit down on the bench.

Most of the benches have two parts, which are adjustable to different angles. It allows various positions and intensities. 

1. Flat Weight Bench

It’s the basic type, and it has plenty of cushion support that is given to your back. It is great for a complete dumbbell workout. Exercises like Lying Triceps Extensions, Dumbbell Rows, and Chest Press can be done on this bench.

2. Incline Bench

You can lay back on its inclination where you position your head over your hips. It is adjustable, so Incline Upper Chest Flyes and Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curls can be done.

3. Decline Bench

Since it’s opposite of incline, your head is positioned under your hips. It has a place for your legs so they won’t slide as you lie down. It’s ideal for Abdominal Curl-ups, Decline Leg Lifts, and Decline Lower Chest Presses.

4. Olympic Weight Bench

It is made to support Olympic-sized and seven-foot bars. It has a width of 48 inches along with bar holders, which are given exact distance to provide support to some official sizes. 

It is commonly seen at the gyms and fitness centers. It is suitable for weight lifters with advanced skills and individuals who are looking for a full-body workout. 

5. Dumbbell Weight Bench

It is a bench when you use dumbbells rather than barbells. It has a simple, flat bench without any barbell rack. You can find some with adjustable upper half so you can have different angles and intensities. 

There are other features, such as leg press attachments and preacher curl. 

6. Preacher Curl Weight Bench 

It is a bench that can tone the biceps and stabilize the arms when you workout. It is mostly used with Olympic or standard curl bars. 

You can get this for your home gyms as you will find it easy to move. It is relatively smaller than the other types of weight bench. 

7. Ab Weight Bench

It’s the ideal surface for an abdominal workout like curl-ups. It has a foot grip that you can find at one end. You can put it in a horizontal position or have it declined. Some of these benches are adjustable to give way for the exercises that target different parts of the abdomen. 

Advantages of Using a Weight Bench

There are a lot of advantages using a weight bench can give. It would make it possible for you to do the exercises a resistance machine can offer. The best part of using it is that it will let you naturally move your body. It also isolates each side.

1. Minimizing Limitations

Resistance machines are developed for a range of abilities. There are only certain points that you can work out with them. But with a weight bench, you can deal with a high maximum load. It makes it possible for you to engage in advanced training.

2. You Have a Guide

You can depend on the flat and strong back of this bench. It can guide your movements without restraining your joints. You can continue with controlled positions like how your body naturally moves.

3. A Support System

It can give angled support to provide what your body type needs as well as the type of exercise. It is a setup that can help to target certain muscles while the bench manages to straighten your spine. This bench also supports your weight load throughout the training.

4. All Ranges of Training is Possible

You can be on the weight bench when you work on your shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and posterior chain. It can also help with your cardio workout.

5. All Abilities Apply

All people on different levels, whether you’re an experienced lifter or someone who just got started, can have the weight bench. You can share it in your home gym as both males and females can use it. 

It’s an excellent investment for people who want to work hard on their fitness routine.

6. A Space Saver

If you’re setting up your garage gym and you’re saving on some space, a weight bench won’t be a deterrent to these goals. You will always benefit from its versatility.

7. Optimizing Your Workout

It will let you do the most out of your workout by focusing on your chest and some certain muscles that you want to enhance. Accomplishing your target will give stronger muscles.

8. Different Usages

A weight bench is a tool that would help you develop your strength. It can be a stand for individuals who do pull-ups, support for Bulgarian split squats and box squats, an ideal tool for core exercises like Russian twists, and a decline for many kinds of exercises.

How to Use Different Kinds of Weight Bench

1. Flat Bench

It can be the support workout dedicated to your middle chest. It would get you through compound movements, so it helps you with your entire body mass. 

Flat Bench Presses

Place your feet firmly on the ground, and you have to arch your back. The barbell should be above your eye line when you rack it. Then unrack the bar and put it down close to your chest. The bar would come slightly forward diagonally. 

Then return to your starting point. Make your elbows slightly tucked at an angle of 45 degrees on your body. It is a manner of protecting your shoulder joints as you proceed to heavier lifts.

2. Incline Weight Bench

It is used to enhance the upper chest and for muscle building. The bench should be on a 45-degree angle while setting the seat to 90 degrees connected with the bench. It is a setup that won’t allow you to slide off at the bench’s edge.

Incline Bench Press

You have to arch your back and compress your shoulders like you’re squeezing them. Your back is nice and tight as you lean back. It creates a solid base for you to be able to push off. 

Your feet will be planted firmly on the floor as each of them is on different sides. When you unrack the bar, it should be over your eye line. 

The elbows should be underneath the wrists as they are angled to your body in 45 degrees. The weight bar should be leveled on the pecs’ top half and you can push it back up again.

3. Decline Weight Bench

This kind of weight bench will help you go through your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Lower your weight bench as it is slightly sloped. With this position, the rack is slightly away when doing flat bench pressing.

Decline Bench Press

When you lie on the bench, the chest is open while the back is arched. The bar is placed above the chest’s lower back. The bar should be straight down as your wrists are straight. 

4. Other Exercises You Can Do With Weight Bench

  • Skull crushers
  • Concentration curls
  • Single-arm dumbbell row
  • Reverse flyes
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Decline close-grip skull crusher
  • Decline cable pullovers
  • Decline dumbbell flyes
  • Decline plate press
  • Decline push-ups
  • Bench crunches
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Leg raises
  • Hyperextensions for lower back
  • Hip lifts
  • Tricep dips

Single leg squats

Sum It Up

A weight bench is not only for various workouts and exercises, but it makes you feel comfortable without straining your joints. It also contributes to the prevention of any injury in every necessary movement. 

It’s a good investment in your home gym as it’s a great assistant and support. Everyone can also use it. 

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