Why It’s Better to Have a Yoga Partner

Yoga, a mind and body practice that already existed in our society for more than thousands of years ago. India was the first place to do this practice to help one in the development of their well-being. As its history evolves until the present, yoga becomes popular in different forms and styles all around the globe. It does not matter as long as you do it with passion for the betterment of your well-being. Whether you do yoga all by yourself or to have a partner with you, doing meditation practice is essential. Practicing yoga gives a lot of benefits, especially when you do it with a yoga partner. 

Partner Yoga and Yoga Partner

Partner yoga is a practice of two people doing positions and postures together. It is like meditating in which two minds and bodies become one. It can be practice by two people, whether both strangers from a yoga class or a chosen partner. It is a non-sexual physical engaging meditation practice by two individuals sharing personal discovery experience. In this practice, one partner gives support to the other to create new postures. Today, partner yoga is popular and widely used by people instead of doing a solo.

What is the role of a yoga partner? A yoga partner is different, and it is not what we commonly call assisted yoga. Doing yoga with a partner is a joyful practice and fun to do. It has a lot of benefits it can offer aside from self-development, it can create a strong relationship with your partner. 

Benefits of Doing Yoga with a Partner

Doing yoga with a partner has a positive effect on your health. Here are some of the healthy benefits of having a yoga partner:

Building Trust

Yoga is a safe practice when done in solo because you already know yourself that you can do this posture. In partner yoga, trust is the center of the practice. When doing a position together, one needs to trust each other to keep the other from falling in exhibiting a posture. At first, it may be challenging for both, but later on, as trust develops, so as the relationship of the tandem. It is also best when doing a yoga partner with your better half. As it also deepens your trust with each other, which may distribute in other personal life’s areas.

Releasing Tension and Stress, Strengthen Relationship

Yoga is one way of releasing our stress and tension in our bodies after a hard day from the outside world. Thus, this does not leave the partner yoga behind as well. We need to let go of the negative energies and replace them with positivity. For couples, when stress hits them, they are not aware of their actions and might end up hurting each other. It could be their way of releasing stress and tension. Though attending a yoga class together might ease up their stress and relieve their tensions. It then replaces their negative auras into positivity to end their day.

Deepening Mutual Understanding

Partner yoga enhances one’s communication in a non-verbal way. It is the touch that speaks during the practice. Touching can indeed communicate and connecting two people through body movements. 

Creating Moments and Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Doing your yoga with a partner creates moments. Sometimes you tend to laugh at your mistakes and do your positions all over again. Both of you are enjoying the time doing yoga together. It will let you feel that sometimes it needs someone to have a laugh with or to be with you for a moment when you needed the most.

Yoga is way much better to practice when you have a partner to share the moment. Not only it develops trust with each other, but also you get to know your partner better as well. It takes creativity to do each posture when you have a partner with you. Whether you have the same size or not, as long as both are enjoying each other’s company. Having a partner creates a circle in which both of you are connected, both mind and body.

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