Top 39 Fitness And Wellness Blogs in Asia to Follow

We know the struggle of finding something that will answer all the questions that boggle our mind when it comes to beauty, health, fitness, and wellness as well as to get proper information and first-hand experience that will definitely feed our curiosity about a lot of things.

As an avid fitness and wellness blog reader, you might find some interesting finds on the internet but are not fully satisfied with the information that is provided there. This is why the need to collate the best fitness and wellness blogs that originated from Asian countries came to our senses so that people living in these areas will get what they truly deserve. Since Asian lifestyle is quite different from those from the West, it is best to settle for blogs that will tackle what Asians should follow and feel like.

Below, you can find the top 39 fitness and wellness blogs that you can ponder on this 2019 in no particular order. As a matter of fact, we would like to commend all the efforts that the writers of these blogs put to every post they have just to help those who need a little push or a pat on the back. Thank you for delivering great reads to people who deserve nothing but the best possible and valuable information they need.

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This blog created by Manu Arora has a title of “CommonCelebrity” and focuses on four different topics namely workouts, lifestyle, health, and food for life. Most of the topics discussed in this blog revolves around taking care of one’s health through various methods involving getting the right lifestyle plans including different fitness moves, solutions for health problems caused by technology, and some tips on how to get back into shape after years of being a potato. If you want to be on the know about the latest trends regarding physical fitness and lifestyle then this one is a great blog to read on.

Medical Island

A doctor from India created this blog to express his desire to create an outlet for medical doctors alike to share their thoughts, recent advancements in the medical field, and the challenges that are faced by medical practitioners every single day. Moreover, this blog offers a great environment where doctors, nurses, and medical technicians can share their fun experiences in their workplaces without feeling suppressed or so. It is also a great site to visit if you want to dig deeper into the world of medicine and get some viable tips and information on how to deal with certain health issues.

This personal blog that is maintained by a Filipina blogger named Ajay presents different aspects of her life and some travel tips, food to try, guide in building relationships, and information regarding different health issues in her posts. If you’re fond of getting into the know regarding everything under the sun or most probably is a foodie that wants to know more about different places to eat then her blog would be a great spot to hang at.

Indian Girl in Poland

A lifestyle, travel, and fashion blog that is mostly about the life of Doreen Pinto in Poland is what this is all about. Most of the things that she shares on her blog are about things concerning beauty and wellness which focuses on perfect hair styling salons that you can try on, makeup tips for Valentine’s, and do’s and don’ts with the use of scented candles. If you like to explore new worlds and cultures then this blog can be your travel guide while remaining seated on your relaxing chair.

RJ Heart & Soul

This top blog in India that tackles topics concerning health, fitness, and food can be your primary source for different food stops around the globe as well as fitness tips and things that you need to know about staying fit and healthy. From barbecues to soy proteins and other healthy stuff, RJ Heart & Soul have it for you to ponder on.

Greta’s Junkyard

This blog with a title of Greta’s Junkyard: A Dump of All My Favorite Things was conceptualized by Gretchen Gatan from the Philippines. This one has a great theme in it which is in the form of a “dump site” but in a good way since everything posted on it are the wonderful random thoughts of the author regarding her passions which are lifestyle and beauty. Most of the posts on her blog provide guides and tips on how to take care of your hair, skin, and overall well-being plus bonus travel guides from around the world.

Runner Rocky

Runner Rocky, as the name of the blog suggests, tackles topics that are mostly about the fun and excitement that running can provide to people. It also discusses different fitness and health topics which focuses more on being sporty and various news on the running, marathon, and triathlon events. It is a jam-packed site where you can gather information about the latest trends in the sports industry.

Run. Travel. Discover.

With a subtitle of “Let your feet take you to wonderful discoveries”, this blog that was established by an engineer, a sports enthusiast, and a runner, under the name of Carly focuses on different topics relating mostly on running and races. Here, you can fish some valuable health tips and keep fit and ready for upcoming races. This blog also promotes different race events in the Philippines and some recommended gears for people who love running.

The Fat Kid Inside

Looking for an inspirational blog? Then you landed in the right place since this blog site by a famous celebrity, cook, and food critic in the Philippines, Mr. Erwan Heussaff, tackles a lot of things regarding food that will surely make you drool. Most of his blog posts are about his own recipes, both healthy and fatty, and good places to eat anywhere in the world. Moreover, he also posts about fitness and travel tips and also some reviews of different kitchen appliances and workout routines.

The Yogini from Manila

Ever heard of yin yoga? If your answer is both yes and no then you came to the right spot! This blog by Jane Uymatiao focuses on providing the ins and whats of yin yoga through her experiences and some reviews of the best places to practice and get into yin yoga in general. Aside from that, she also managed to feature different wellness products that might catch you fancy.

Pinoy Guy Guide

This lifestyle and wellness blog by Chris from the Philippines tackles different interesting facts regarding new trends including gadgets, fitness tracker, cars, men’s fashion, men’s fragrances and well-being that will feed your hungry mind. If you find these things appealing then try to hop on to this blog and dive into great reviews of different men’s products that you want to try in the future.


No one knows better about everything compared to a mother. This blog is dedicated to those people who are searching for information and tips regarding the best skin care products and makeups as well as tips with regards to fitness and workout routines plus some personal posts about her daily life with her macho kid.


This blog is one among the award-winning websites that focus on lifestyle, running, and wellness. Most of the posts found in this blog present the different experiences of the author in terms of running which includes reviews about different racing competitions and some tips on how to be successful in this field. If you’re looking for things like this plus if some fun facts about current mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, and other trending games as well as topics under technology and food.

Wholesome Mamma

Mothers especially first-time moms will definitely benefit from this blog by Aloka which gives advice, tips, and information about proper parenting and pregnancy. Other than that, her blog also discusses topics concerning food, diet, and fitness that will greatly help those people who are having troubles with their weight and wants to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Drowning Equilibriums

Drowning Equilibriums is a blog that centers around topics under the category of wellness, lifestyle, style, sustenance, travel, and beauty. What you can discover on her blog are generally thing studies of different prosperity and healthy skin items that will make you consider utilizing them. So in case, you’re searching for new things to attempt to remain brilliantly lovely and solid then why not visit this blog and see with your own eyes.

Hike Hong Kong

If you’re into hiking and mountain climbing and finds a great thrill and fulfillment if you reach the summit then this blog which is all about hiking will surely captivate your heart. They even have an application that you can download for free in both Google Play and App Store so that you can get the latest news and tips when it comes to hiking and possible best hiking spots in Hong Kong.

Living Beyond Style

Living Beyond Style by Nicole San Miguel is a blog that focuses more on travel, wellness, and style. On the off chance that you need a snappy voyage through better places, at that point, her blog is the genuine article. You can get odds and ends of fascinating actualities about different nations and what to visit next which would enable you to set an ideal agenda for your next excursion.


This blog which has a title of Malaysian Fitness Lifestyle blog focuses on topics under the categories of fitness, lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, and beauty. What you can find on her blog are mostly product reviews of different health and skin care products that will definitely make you think of using them. So if you’re looking for new things to try to stay radiantly beautiful and healthy then why not try visiting this blog and see for yourself.


Tekkaus is an award-winning blog in Malaysia that talks about lifestyle, gadgets, foods, and travels. You can definitely get some cool finds on his blog when it comes to hotel deals, cheap cruises, gadget reviews, and also food reviews. Aside from these, you can also spot some good motivational posts that revolve around building better relationships, life challenges, and being a better person through various experiences.


Jia Shin is a mother of two and this blog wherein she posts about her experiences throughout the whole new world of being a mother. Moreover, you can find great topics and blog posts that discuss best-tasting food, great places to travel to, and taking care of yourself and staying fit even though you are already a mom. Her blog has touched a lot of hearts which made it one of the best 20 parenting blogs in Malaysia way back in 2018 as well as one of the top 25 lifestyle blogs in the same country in 2018.

Relatable Fitness

Are you looking for some motivation to get into shape? Then this blog by Jeff Alagar from the Philippines will take you from zero to a hero in terms of looking and feeling good. Most of the posts here at his blog focuses on the best possible bodybuilding supplements, food supplements, and personal care products that can help those who are looking for possible health and fitness improvement products. You can also find an upcoming event that involves being fit as well as an interactive quiz that you can take to know more about your BMI.

Lissa Kahayon

Lissa Kahayon is a blog that focuses more on the topic of travel and wellness. If you want a quick tour of different places then her blog is the real deal. You can get bits and pieces of interesting facts about various countries and what to visit next which would definitely help you set a perfect itinerary for your next vacation.

Just like what this blog’s name suggests, everything that is written here is about running. From different running events to your possible next gears, has the right thing for you. There is also some quick guides for beginners and training guides for advanced marathon runners here in this blog.


If you’re a self-proclaimed or a true-blue vegan then this blog will surely get you hooked. The blog owner, RG Enriquez, posts a lot of different vegan recipes that every single vegan will definitely enjoy. Aside from that, there are tons of information that you can get regarding different things about staying healthy and living a wonderful life free from meat.’

Stef dela Cruz

For health conscious people, this blog owned by a doctor will surely lift your spirits up and helps you get the most out of the things that surround you. There are a lot of health articles that are posted on this blog that tackles several up to date issues that will bring light to every doubt that you have regarding food and medicine. So if you want to get a good idea on how you can live a healthier life then try to drop by on this medical blog and discover wonderful things that you didn’t know was good and actually bad for your health.

Patty Laurel

This one of a kind blog by a famous personality in the Philippines has everything that you need to know when it comes to great food experiences, inspirational talks, and even good places to visit. She even shares her own recipes on her blog for everybody to try and enjoy. So the next time you don’t know what restaurant to try out next, just click on her blog and browse for yourself.

Go Jackie Go

Go Jackie Go is a more of a food and fitness blog where you can find different diet plans and workout routines that are already tried and tested to provide a healthier and better life. There are also parenting tips present on this blog by Jackie Go where she shares all of her experiences when it comes to raising her child which would definitely help those who are undergoing the same struggles as she has.

Sunshine Kelly

Are you looking for answers on how to properly take care of your hygiene or even tips on getting that loan approved or basically everything that you are struggling in your everyday life? Sunshine Kelly has answers and top picks for these and a lot more. You will surely get something out of this blog when it comes to keeping good health and being fit plus some current fashion trends on the side.

Cheryl Tay

Are you a fan of cars, motorsports, and fitness? Then this blog by Cheryl Tay will definitely feed all of your cravings when it comes to these topics including some fitness and sports tips that you can definitely learn from and apply on yourself as well. Most of the posts on her blog are about different training regimes, struggles that athletes are experiencing, and loving your body more through her movement which is the Rock The Naked Truth.

Pretty Darn Fit

This very daring blog will surely get you on the edges of your seats with its straight-forward nutrition guides, health tips, and choosing better options for a more positive life. It is mostly focused on the life of being a vegan and how to stay stiff and study in challenging times that you want to give up on your healthy habits. So if you share the same sentiments as with the author of this blog then you came to the right place.

Pinoy Fitness

Pinoy Fitness is a blog where you can draw out inspirational fitness stories, quick training tips, and some basics of running. Aside from these, you can also get into the knowledge of the latest events concerning marathons and Obstacle Course Races in and out of the Philippines. If you’re looking for great tips when it comes to proper nutrition and effective weight loss programs then this blog is for you.

The Bull Runner

For a girl that hopes to run every single marathon that is available in the world, her utmost dedication towards running brought upon this blog for a lot of people to enjoy and ponder on. Most of her posts revolve around her experience when it comes to joining marathons, dealing with injuries, getting the right nutrition, and possible gears that one can use. If you’re as passionate and motivated as this blog’s author then you will definitely enjoy every single post that is present in this blog.

All Chucked Up!

This blog which was dully maintained and authored by a Filipino actor, Charles “Chuckie” Dreyfus, talk about everything that is new and trendy when it comes to technology and gadgets, health and fitness, food, and traveling. As a matter of fact, his posts regarding health and fitness will surely grapple your mind into a more positive and healthful approach through proper diet, food intake, and workouts. If you’re looking for a good read when it comes to these things then this blog will surely fit that big mold you are forming in your heard.

Lush Angel

Lush Angel is a not your typical lifestyle blog that talks about different beauty products, latest trends and styles, and best places to travel but also a key to unlocking potential improvements towards one’s self. There are a lot of good beauty tips and tutorials that you can see in this blog, as well as various restaurant reviews and wonderful places to visit that, will surely captivate your senses into trying.

It’s Beryllicious

If you’re a big fan of eating and looking for the best and great finds when it comes to food then this blog by Berylle Kaye will surely sweeten up your taste buds. Her blog was solely dedicated to finding the best restaurants and cafes in the Philippines for food enthusiasts to try on. Moreover, you can also spot some good travel guideposts on her blog that will make you feel like you’ve been to those places and will surely carry your feet to these locations in a flash.

The Bag Investigator

This blog isn’t just all about the good brands of bags and other stuff but there are also other great things to search inside and brings what is more than just inside a bag. If you’re looking for a good read kind of blog that tackles on various life topics including relationships, motherly tips, beauty, health and wellness, and travel then you came to the right bag!


Kayleen Ortiz is known to be a movement artist, an aerialist, and a champion pole dancer but more than that, she is also the great mind that is behind this awesome blog that discusses different healthy recipes that you can try on, experiences when it comes to pole dancing and aerial dancing, and tips of the trade when it comes to staying fit and healthy. So if you’re looking for a different kind of blog reading experience then this one can surely satisfy those cravings of yours.

“Discovering Beauty Together” as the subtitle of this blog is saying showcases a lot of beauty product reviews, tips that you need to know, and some beauty spas and salons that you should try on. She shares her different experiences when it comes to keeping a beautiful physical appearance to a positive and idealistic mentality that will most probably help those people who are in need of these. Most of her blog posts are about the different beauty aesthetic procedures that she already tried so that people can have an idea on what are the possible results of these procedures.

Modern FilipinA

Modern Filipina depicts the modern outlook that the current generation of women has when it comes to beauty, health, and lifestyle. In this blog, you can spot some good reviews and tips on food and drinks, exercises and some great activities to try on, and also health issues that you should be aware of. There are also posts on this blog that discusses the current trends on makeups, fragrances, hair care, hairstyles, skin care and beauty treatments that a lot of people of the present era should be aware of.

No matter what keeps your interest bright as a burning light or whatever keeps you motivated and going through your health and fitness routines, there is a great blog that will surely fit these parameters among these 39 top Fitness and Wellness Blogs that you should and must follow this 2019.

It may be a hard task to go through around a hundred different blogs on the internet but we hope that you get locked on to these 39 awesome ones. If you think that we forgot a blog or two that should be included in this list, don’t hesitate to give us a beep on the comment section below and we’ll gladly check up on it as well.






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