How to Get a Stripper Body and How to Keep It

Smoking hot, perfectly slim, and tightly toned body – that is exactly how a stripper’s body looks like. And not to mention their big sized boobs and sexy butts, matched with alluring faces that crawls towards you. Everything a perfect female body looks like constitutes a stripper body. And most women, if not all, want this kind of body. So how to get a stripper body? That must be the most asked question every woman wants to know. With completely determined and consistent routines, having that tight and toned body from head to toe can be easily achieved.

Talk about your sincerest desires of having a stripper body. You are so determined but don’t know where to start. So what is really the key? Simple. Hard work and some time. Now, if you are really serious in achieving that sexy body, read on and let’s dig deeper to some tips and techniques on how to get a stripper body. This must be a great time to release your inner goddess and unlock the body that you’ve always wanted.

The Secret Body Formula to Get a Stripper Body

Strippers are most probably the hottest women and set the standards for that sizzling hot body. With their smooth, tight skin, ripped muscles, and perfect curves while dancing around the pole, they must be the undeniably hottest and daring individuals to die for.

So let’s start with one of the most powerful tips:

The PRO TIP: The secret to having the perfect stripper body boils down to having a complete proportionate body. And every woman can have the benefit of achieving that same well-toned body a stripper has.

A woman who wants to achieve that perfect body must forget about procrastination. Errands, work, kids and tons of excuses – these are all given, but if you are really focused and determined, you will find and make time to exert an energy for physical activities. Forget those bags of chocolates and countless junk foods. Shape that body up and make your perfect body vision a reality. Every woman deserves a beautiful and fit body, and you are not an exception to that.

Say No to Shortcuts

If we have that secret formula on how to achieve a stripper body, there are also called the ‘not so secret ingredients’. Body building, weight training, strength training, and weight lifting – all of these things can be a culprit in preventing you to have a well-desired body. It is important to do this in moderation. Using weights to improve and strengthen your muscles is good, and that is already enough. Never over-indulge yourself into these types of exercises. You don’t need those big muscles. You would not want to be bulkier than the man you are dating, aren’t you?

Sure Shot Tips and Tricks to have a Stripper Body

So what are the sure shot tips and techniques on how to get a stripper body? Some may think that obsessing in counting calories and following different fad diets can be a great idea. Yes, it can be helpful in some ways but there are just really basic things to look out for your desired body – exercise, food, lifestyle and your commitment. That’s basically what is needed. A perfect body can be guaranteed if everything is followed. From eating healthy, doing consistent exercise, changing daily habits, to staying motivated and committed – all of these are a great stairway for your dream body. Now let’s take a peek at some of the simple techniques for your roadway on how to get a stripper body.

  • Practice to eat frequently. Eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism active
  • Drink lots of water to curb your hunger pangs
  • Add lean protein to your to build and strengthen your muscles
  • Eat fruits and veggies to supply your body with vitamins and minerals
  • Consume healthy fats to reduce inflammation and to keep your cell membranes as healthy as possible
  • Avoid junk and processed foods because this will bring you no benefit
  • Eat 5-6 meals every day and never miss your breakfast. Keep your lunch and dinner light and snack on fruit juices, yogurt, and nuts.
  • Watch the portion size of what you intake. The ideal quantity of food to be consumed must be equal to the size of your palm.
  • Enjoy one cheat day every week so you can still indulge in your comfort food
  • Run up and down the stairs because this can be an amazing workout
  • Jump the rope. This is a great workout that targets brown fat in your stomach
  • Do cardio to boost weight reduction
  • Do crunches because this can amazingly reduce belly fat
  • Incorporate planks and squats in your routine as this burn belly fat and can tone your body
  • Avoid stress because this may lead to weight gain
  • Keep yourself moving to expend the calories you consume
  • Take part in different outdoor activities such as badminton, baseball, soccer, marathon, or dance class because these are fun ways to do exercise and can motivate you in the long run
  • Avoid alcohol and quit smoking because this will cause different problems that can prevent you from succeeding
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night to rejuvenate your mind and to repair the cells in your body

Keeping off your Stripper Body

With all the hard works and commitments, at last, you were able to achieve that perfect body. But that doesn’t end your journey because keeping a slim and toned body can still be an uphill task. You might be over indulging in your new figure, and you forget to continuously keep track on your routines. Achieving your desire to have your dream body doesn’t mean you can go back to your unhealthy habits. You worked hard on how to get a stripper body and you must want that body to stay that way forever. So the trick is, never stop. Continue the healthy lifestyle and you will surely kick off that body for good.


Every woman has the potential to have that well-toned and slim body, no doubt with that. From looks to sex appeal, topped up with that kicking body – all of these are possible if you are determined and committed. After all, every woman has a smoldering femininity and sensuality that is extremely appealing in every way. You just need to have that great conviction in order to let it out.






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