Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow

Lifestyle bloggers are a dime a dozen, nowadays. How much do lifestyle bloggers make is a question not determined so much by the amount of traffic they are generating (though that is important), but on the service they give and the connections they allow for general or specific experiences so that people can be helped.

What are lifestyle blogs but portals to a world, where there is a friend you can talk to or relate to (at the very least)—in a world that is full of strangers trying to be friends?

And within that space, within that portal, lies the potential to change and transform for your own self-development with the life that you are given and the life duration that you have.

Sure, lifestyle bloggers can be celebrities, they can be status icons, they can be all of those.

But, would it not be nice if they were just everyday people trying to share what they know best and hoping you make this question to yourself and for yourself:

  • How do I write my own personal blog…for me?

You can imagine that just about anybody can write a blog, and in this crazy world of data traffic, you can imagine that popularity is all but a random chance given to a lucky few or for people who make the most noise out in the crowd.

So, take a look around our recommendations, and take a good look at what is going to make you jump out and say:

  • I want to write my own personal blog…for me!

Moomy Musings

The good of Glaiza’s Moomy Musings is made apparent when you take into account the life of family life. Circling around travel, food, and social events, this is a good spot for those who value bonding time with family and friends. Visit the blog.

I Love Keisha

If you are into particular tastes, fashion styles, and beauty products, then Mommy Kaye’s I Love Keisha Blog will be just the perfect fit for you. This blog is updated with many of these trends and with a dose of healthy options, to boot. Visit the blog.

Mommy Levy

Got a friend who is just turning into a parent and finds it hard to find blogs that relate? Give  Mommy Levy a visit. She gives breakdowns on stuff like meals, travels, and events with your kids in mind, especially. The structure and presentation, in particular, of “budget meals” or “bacon” are especially important because of the appeal they give to moms who are constantly busy or those mothers who are just starting out when it comes to overall household management.  Visit the blog.

Will Explore Philippines

The Philippines is beautiful and made even more tempting as Will Garcia sees and explores it. Fueled by his passion to show what the Philippines can offer, he brings up the best restaurants, hotels, events, travel, fashion and lifestyle tip recommendations he can muster, all while appearing as calm and collected and generally having one heck of a good time. The attention given to detail is a real added bonus as the space is clean and organized with high-quality pictures added, which helps out a great deal when it comes to areas like lifestyle topic areas like foodtravel and as an adjunct to travel, amazing hotel and restaurant recommendations (picture quality is almost tantamount) Visit the blog.

Mom On Duty

Duty calls with Kim and her family as life calls for the busy work life of an everyday mom. She gives advice on what it can take to have a happy marriage, positive parenting and even homes online business (okay, maybe more than just an everyday mom). Visit the blog.

The Lifestyle Avenue

Head over to The Lifestyle Avenue to get a fresh start for your new lifestyle or even if you want to just evaluate lifestyle trends. Whether it is on the matters of technology, travel, food, and overall lifestyle design, it does its best to cater to these areas as best as possible. To be specific, what rings true an wondrous about this space is its minimalistic layout and design and one that does not need to be so fashionable and fancy, despite the topic of having better tools, better clothes and better grooming—it’s an avenue you can go to despite your reservations with regards to style. Visit the blog.

The Lifestyle Bucket

Travels can be a difficult thing depending on who’s asking. So, you might as well get it from people who know and particularly, from The Lifestyle Bucket, which caters to much of the joys and the nuisance of a living a mobile, travel based lifestyle. Visit the blog.

Joei And Me

Care to visit a woman who works hard and plays well when the work is done? Good ‘Ol Attorney Joei spreads out the worksheet and provides you a blog invitation on less serious issues like travel, food and beauty topics (of all things). What is really striking about this particular blog is the work and regular life stories structure. There are stories that deal so much with being outside of work that it becomes a remind why work can sometimes be boring. It also helps that the writer is honest and true to this space, which is just a personal hub to let out some thoughts and feelings outside the life of being an attorney or public figure (of sorts). If you will notice the “me”, that is an indicator of the attorney inviting “you” to come to see her work and hang out. Visit the blog.

Swirling Over Coffee

Want a cup of intervention as to how you’re doing with your lifestyle? Swirling Over Coffee does not serve up a sweet coaxed latte but a strong expresso of information with regards to the news in tech, lifestyle topics, and food topics and reviewing cool gadgets. Visit the blog.

Hannah Villasis

The very definition of a ‘lifestyle’ blogger is more than just a subject. Well, until you meet  Hannah Villasis and her ever lovable eccentricities, which is pretty much every subject matter that really matters to her, and matters enough to make you care. Visit the blog.

The Fan Boy Seo

Brimming with so much nerdiness and geekdom, lord-savior (and a peasant at the same time) Fanboy Seo not only invites his pop culture ilk but offers just enough professionalism to pull the bad boy off for the common folk. This fascinating resource of honest fandom watches out for the latest and the greatest technology news, animation news, movie news, video games news and as far-reaching as news on mixed martial arts—respect. And, to be perfectly honest, the culture of nerds, geeks and now otaku and weapons have been too much left out of the picture when it comes to being represented as being legitimate participants of society, often labeled as lazy or weird. This is a space that provides that conversation by approaching it the way most fashion and beauty blogs approach their own products and eccentricities (being perfectly honest over here). This is a really good space to understand that all these weird obsessions are no different from wanting a different sense of fashion. In this space, with all its talk about the weirdest pop culture references available to teens, adolescents and young adults today, this is most definitely a place to start a conversation amongst the ilk, and one that instigates and categorizes a return to normalcy—hopefully. Visit the blog.

Rochelle Rivera

Laid back, positive with a touch of demure, Rochelle Kawasaki’s lifestyle is a mixture of the person herself and the joys of sharing. The blog covers topics from beauty, her own kids, travel between everything else that is offered. Visit the blog.

Kath Rivera

When the tough get going, they go over to Dear Kitty Kittie Kath for some tips around skin care, beauty, fashion, lifestyle. In particular, there is a premium placed on the issues and topics that concern the life of a stay at home ‘mommy’. Visit the blog.

Write, Breathe, Live

Nothing more said than the love of a person who really loves to write and write well topics that concern our everyday lives. It helps that Ruth Floresca of Write, Breathe, Live has writing and editing ‘chops’ and contributes to print-online publications (what a mother!). The attention to little details when it comes to the overall message in each little piece is admirable, respectable and dare to say it, noble. It is not a lifestyle blog that runs on par in terms of marketing and influencer strength, but one that relies on conventional storytelling but one that is written with much pathos or gravitas when necessary when talking about the death of a loved one, or one with so much layered and toned levels of emotional subtlety when talking about something as a nostalgic piece of food product. For all intents and purposes, it is a writer’s blog on lifestyle almost through and through and there is no problem with that. Visit the blog.

Enjoying Wonderful World

A spectrum of info regarding the world that we live in, Enjoying Wonderful World shows a perspective of exploration and adventure. This is shared through events around the world that is parts inspirational, parts social but all around, quite useful. What is so beautiful about this space is the vast amount of resources that fall under this category of “wonder” world. In hindsight, people can turn this down and make it be a very bad case of journaling, but in truth, it operates under a different process. No different to memes, the images and topics that are brought up are almost exclusively and varyingly positive, which helps to all the more reinforce the idea and theme of ‘wonder’, which to be honest, is missing a lot from this world today. Visit the blog.

Aci Girl

Nicknaming yourself after a really good basketball player is probably a cause too far ahead in terms of marketing, but for Aci Girl, that is just how it is going to be. She places beauty, tech and mommy topics as a forefront of her adventures. Visit the blog.

It’s Me Gracee

If you are going to a spot that can get different ranges of topics in a nifty package, It’s Me Gracee is a delightful and organized affair that covers lifestyle, food, travel, technology, and beauty. One of the highlights of this spot is that it hubs out a special section devoted to entertainment news. Visit the blog.

The Beauty Junkie

True to the name and true to the game, Martha’s The Beauty Junkie concerns just about anything related to beauty and the topics covered can range from travel, food, and fashion. The special “sauce” added to this is a forthright thoroughness with regards to the overall management and that it only tackles topics, product reviews, and endorsements as well as handout advice within their area of expertise. Visit the blog.

The Peach Kitchen

What else there is to say has been said already, especially when you look at the photographs. The Peach Kitchen has all of the delicious, mouthwatering goodness of comforting family home cooking sites, but with the personal and delicate experience that infuses the culinary with stories of love within the food presented—life itself in a bowl. What is nice about this space is the amount of time and work dedicated to the furnishing of every piece. The recipes are beautifully constructed, they are believable enough to be executed and most of all, they are coupled with stories that speak so much about nostalgia, and memories and the little wonder that organized food ingredients (recipe) is able to bring to an otherwise lonely table. And, in its own way, it standouts compared to other spaces because it uses one aspect of the lifestyle journal (food) to deliver the story that can span other areas like travel, fashion, beauty, and technology (to a certain extent).  Visit the blog

Azrael’s Merry Land

It is a wild ride to the mind of Azrael Coladilla’s Merryland that highlight the ever-burgeoning interests that fall in between lifestyle, technology, food, travel but unto other frontiers like entertainment, outdoor adventures, social media, internet, and toys. From anywhere in the list, it certainly is an adventure. Visit the blog.

Lifestyle Manila

Sometimes when it comes to a local area, you require an up to date, no-frills participation that just about covers every nook and cranny, as well as the nuts and bolts. When it comes to the streets of Philippines’ metropolitan area, Lifestyle Manila is a saloon of options for hooking up some info on the different spaces within the Manila area, from an insider’s perspective that is admirable as it is unique and thoughtful. Not to put it on to the curb and make it as a kind of “investigation” thing, but it has rhythms and moods that can be associated with the genre, especially on topics as miniature and minuscule as particular “stamping” processes—it makes it sound so special. And, for people in the area, or for people who do not know much about Philippine’s capital city, it is special. Perhaps, it is more an investigative report to the areas we know too well in Manila and those areas we don’t know too well, which gives you this nuanced and multi-dimensional view of what the cityscape is actually like. Visit the blog.

My BeYOUtiful Life

Celebrate stories and topics hat all have to deal with the process of handling every day. Over there at BeYOUtiful Life, there is a glimpse at lifestyle design, catering to those who are into self-development and its many related topics. Visit the blog.

Girl And Boy Thing

The line and cool looking gear, places and spaces to beat when you visit Cristelle Torres’ managed Girl And Boy Thing. It started as out as a relationship site (noted by the title) and has since then evolved into a site that professes its love into other streams like food, events, and product for men and women. It is interesting (to say the least) that this started out as another space referred to as “a place” by which the writer could share the feelings, frustrations, and joys regarding the matters of the heart. Further interesting is the decision to carry that over into the words and advice with regarding picking up better clothes, and getting better gear for your convenience—the language from the former relationship lifestyle space is sprinkled in without too much distraction. Visit the blog.

Keiseee In The City

In the spirit in all that is travel culture journaling, Katrina Entera’s Keiseee In The City is a love letter for all those who have wanted to be consistent in taking down their experience in traveling, one city at a time. In the case with this Cebu native, many different local city hubs of the Philippines are the subject matter, with topic branches that shoot out from the ground up. Many will probably point out that the writer covers is little to no more just amateur work that does not even venture to account for a full ‘worldly” travel experience and in certain arguments, this is the case. But travel is travel since you are moving from space to space, place to place. If you work with that definition and with that assumption, you get a very rewarding interest in the work that the writer is able to convey, and in terms of quality, it is a complete as a travel experience as can be from beginning to end (details included).  Visit the blog.

The South Girl Travels

Flying and notetaking for business trips can drain every bit of joy in the process, not so with Cherry Bell’s The South Girl Travels, which imbues in its pages the fancy and whimsy of someone who really treats travelling as a serious business, given that it is the core focus of all the work done here—and it pays off (you can even get an Airbnb discount). There is a focus here and there when it comes to expat work and the struggles of people working from different places unto different places. That struggle is very much real and this space not only focuses on travels but uses travels as a business to talk even more so about other serious business, which borders more into the investigative journalism realm and much less so into Instagram. Still, it is an admirable leap and one that should be applauded instead of appalled against. Visit the blog.

Mommy Tincture

You get more than you bargained for when it comes to the content when you visit Mommy Tincture, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a unique piece of work that is best understood by its own admission of being “tinctured”, with the conditions of parenthood and all the topics that come with it, like a traveling lifestyle based on stories. You can really be won over when it comes to the mystique that this space provides, almost like an old-world travel journal lost in the 21st century. Of course, this blog is none of those but it certainly has the circumstances that help it fall under those categories. Which is all the more exciting because the circumstances are as close to real as they can give but allowing for that magic to happen organically (not the case with many photoshopped and fabricated lifestyles). Visit the blog.

Magali Vaz

Not to be outdone by those older, Magali of The Magali Vaz has all but a personal stake to claim when it comes to this lifestyle hub for beauty, travel, tech, and food. Quite basic in topics regarding lifestyle but deep in experience worthy of a digital nomad. Visit the blog.

Road To Beauty

It is probably in no other way better expressed in that The Road To Beauty is paved with good intentions, particularly if you are visiting this space. If you’re any way concerned about your overall look, feeling, and health, this is the hub you are looking for, complete with advice on how to put that look over internet entrepreneurship. Visit the blog.

Gia Say That

It may sound authoritative but don’t let Gia Kashyap of Gia Say That fool you, as she is all about helping you be the best possible you when it comes to the fashionable colors she grew up to hold dear and love. With various fashion scenario under the summer heat rainbow, if you have a fashion idea, she’s probably gone out there and said something about it. And the writer is quite a special person, not by the writer’s admission but by most people’s impression. The writer has made a presence when it comes to the value and strength of where the opinion stands when it comes to “good fashion” and when it comes to “bad fashion”. As it turns out, it may just be in the colors and how they are a pattern. Some have argued against just placing colors are the hallmark of fashion design, but without them, life would be worthless. Putting the philosophical wax aside, not so much of a guru, but the writer knows a great deal of stuff—and will probably remind you again and again, just so you remember. Visit the blog.

Lofty Spectrums

It is tough to be rated as a high content influencer wherever you are in the world, but the couple at Lofty Spectrums have done just that (and more) but have stayed humble and happy with the moderate pace. They dish out fun and interesting material that can affect your overall wellness and staycation ideas. Visit the blog.

The Styledge

Spaces, places, and locales are all about style, and Santoshi Shetty is about as cosmopolitan “edgy” while maintaining a fine balance between calm and intense. That is what makes up the content, after all, a visceral interpretation of the textures, colors, and patterns of life being placed in the foreground of a social locale with a personal space—what comes out is a high-quality piece of work. “Edgy” is a very loaded word when it comes to the living spaces that we live in today and even borders definition when it comes to personalities being “edgy” (pseudo-passive-aggressive). What the author brings for discussion is how much patterns, colors, and textures affect the overall well-being of a person—from the inside and out. Most architecture and lifestyle blogs usually focus on the art object and the elicitation of emotions from that object. In the case of the writer’s edgy, it almost feels like the interpretation is that we are the subject and we affect objects around us—our lifestyle all but affects how architecture is made. Visit the blog.

Manjulika Pramod – PENDOWN

Stepping into the mind of Manjulika Pramod is aptly expressed by the writer himself, a “pen-down” affair, one filled with daydreams and dusk dreams and vision quests of food, flânerie, running, travel, the social circle, and stuff you find around many kinds of streets, mean or otherwise. Visit the blog.

The Pink Velvet Blog

Staying on top and staying updated is a core value of Niharika Verma’s The Pink Velvet. With attention to detail when it comes to influencing unique, honesty and opinionated reviews of the many beauty, skincare, make up, and wellness products under the market today, tips from over here are quite valuable to man or woman. Visit the blog.

Bits Of Rocks

It is tough to be thorough and consistent at the same time, and to do that for close to a decade, even more so. But, the folks over at Bits Of Rocks have a steady record of proving information that concerns both personal topics on lifestyle, vibrant entertainment news, and pretty much just about anything that can be talked about, really. Visit the blog.

The Small Town Blogger

A fit for just about any kind of fashion, food and travel (mostly fashion), Anusha of The Small Town Blogger offers tips and tricks to how you can look good with what you have. Kind of goes to show that even if you are a “small town girl” (or boy), you can rock a look and the “on an on” journey never stops. The focus on simplicity is a much-appreciated venture and one that can be overhyped and overexposed to mean nothing when in the wrong hands. Good thing to know that this writer devotes a lot of time, trying to make the most affordable buys one can get for the greater uplift to look—buy your rags and wear them, too. Visit the blog.

The Incredible Lifestyle

Billed and touted as the most rated number one in India, the Incredible Lifestyle is a really good and organized content influencer in the lifestyle department. Offering up topics such as travel, food, fashion, health, and overall lifestyle, it asks probing questions and gives off interesting answers, as should be the case. Visit the blog.

Moonshine And Sunlight

Niche subjects around lifestyle can often be hard to pinpoint in terms of looking for quality, but Priyanjana of Moonshine And Sunlight does so with calm down to earth grace. The focus of which is the promotion of fashion, beauty, nail art and crafts related. Visit the blog.

I Want It All

Obsessive to the point of positive self-love (which most of us really need), there is a certain charm from June’s I Want It All and the dedication by which the self is important. Other than the message, there is also content shared by way of travel and fashion and super spicy food. Visit the blog.

Cherry On Top

Pressed as a beauty blogger, Sayantini of Cherry On Top is more than that, given her background in writing for another journal space on creative writing. She knows turns her talents over to beauty products, skin care, fashion, travel, and even pep talks that all go through her standards of high-quality assessments (the cherry on the top standard, as it were).  Visit the blog.

Sartorial Secrets

You can probably tell if you are a prodigy when it comes to subject matter, like how Tiger Woods-like throwing different projectiles together. The same goes with Sartorial Secrets and its content, which are never really secrets but an award-winning fashion aficionado with a keen eye for fashion trends and product. The awarded author is not only a prodigy but one that continues to update and increase influence with each review that is made. Getting an influence is not only a matter of knowing your content well but almost be a living embodiment of that very knowledge and idea. Visit the blog.

Skinny Girl Diariez

Not all one-stop shops are lame, some being a lot more amazing if you know how they were set up. Skinny Girl Diariez has a somewhat similar story and one that talks much to the self-made influencer story in a vast space occupying dining, fashion, beauty, and spa as well as staycations and different events. Visit the blog.

Tall Pisces Girl

Reviews from Tall Pisces Girl are second to none, and done with a lot of love, for that matter. Imbued with this local Malaysian’s love for curiosity are pages that talk about topics like beauty, even, fashion, food, shopping, and travel. Visit the blog.

Green Story Blog

Venturing out and entering into the world with enthusiasm and spirit, Tammana’s Green Story is all about allowing oneself to tackle the passions of sharing eco-friendly and organic products that help a person become beautiful and well, from the inside and the outside. All this, plus many different topics concerning homemade products, product reviews in the market and other topics. Visit the blog.

Nicole Yie

Sweet, cute and optimistic, NicoleYie is made with love, care, and tender attention but one that does not take itself too seriously. It covers the topics like beauty product reviews, fashion posts, food reviews, places for travel and other thoughts (she will sometimes blog in Chinese too when given the mood). Visit the blog.

Sassy Urbanite’s Diary

Travel and photography are peas in a pod (they go together quite well). As with the axiom, this is the same idea that Sassy Urbanite’s Diary leads viewers to follow. It is a product work that focuses a great deal on travel and travels that are based mostly on big and small cities of particular countries, with a great premium placed on high-quality photography for the effect. Visit the blog.

Miss JasJas

Taking selfies can often be a drag for those people tired of trends. This is not the case with the life of Miss JasJas, hardworking woman with optimism in life that makes up for the story that she will share when you visit her blog, which tackles on beauty products, food reviews, and overall wellness. Visit the blog.

Wander Baz

Get ready to travel and live your life with Imbaztan-Wander Baz and the joy and tranquility of visiting other places. Seasoned and well-suited, head over there to get high-quality photos and content that deal with many different places and with hotel and guest recommendations to initiate and complete your story. Very much appreciated is the overall structure and cleanliness of the space design. If one were to remove the title of said space, one could be forgiven if one mistakes it for something out of ‘The National Geographic’. And rightfully, so, as not only does the content have much to say and is well formatted for the purposes of itineraries and travel allocations, it looks picturesque and beautiful. Visit the blog.

Betty’s Journey Of My Life

Just because stories are simple, does not mean they are no good. This is the case with Betty’s Journey Of My Life whose down to earth, coffee-shop vibe atmosphere merits nothing more than a passing score, but one very much imbued with a sense of fulfillment watching the journey that unfolds in everyday joys of doing everyday things. Visit the blog.

The Jesselton Girl

Etched as more of a beauty product content space with a good dash and hint of travel, Dayve Rampas of The Jesselton Girl is an assortment of personal and collaborated material. Out of this space, you get a good deal of product reviews, as well as loads of tips and recommendations along the way. Visit the Blog.

Bella Jamal

Over at the portal of Ini Adalah Bellarina Natasya of Bella Jamal, you get a range of personal reviews and recommendations across the spectrum of lifestyle content around. These topics can range beauty products and fashion, you have also got pets and event reviews, and movie reviews are available, as well. Visit the blog.


Highlighting matters of food and other product reviews, Novaleeza is a creative and personal space. Specifically, it tackles on many different avenues but it wears its heart on its sleeve with regard to friendly conversations about food and travel and events, and most especially to food. Visit the blog.


Over at the folks of Jeanne Liew’s Luminnej, you get a taste of not only what high-definition lifestyle is, but what high-quality living can be. You can live beautifully, and this space a chance to speak that very language of illumination with carefully assessed reviews on the best products for beauty and the best products for overall lifestyle. Visit the blog.

Andra Alodita

Veterans don’t always come with the best perks or with the best startup and that is the case with Andra’s Alodita and her consistency with delivering content to influence a lot of people. Her topics can often be taken as plain (maybe even lackluster), ranging from beauty products, to travel and finally to motherhood topics, but the spirit, joy and infectious beauty she imbues them with is nothing short of alluring. Visit the blog.

Sasyachi Beauty Diary

Pleasant and focused, Sasyachi Beauty Diary is how one would particularly frame such a specific blog. It is organized enough and with enough attention given the beauty products galore, with no added fuss and with no added frilling around. Visit the blog.

The Crème De La Crop

The bare minimum but the noteworthy design is apparent in The Crème De La Crop and is quite apt, to be honest. The subjects range from all kinds of style in fashion and gadgets but the content delivered in pamphlets that are accessible, creative and surprisingly well compact in design, which leaves an impression that all influencers should follow the lead of this one. Visit the blog.

The Klog

The Korean pop culture market is pretty much all the rage nowadays and is aptly so with the even more aptly made The Klog, which does not sound so disgusting with a ‘k’ than it does with a ‘c’. The materials they have are ones that almost exclusively dealt with the Korean fashion market and the phenomenon around it, having a great deal of Korean skin care tips, to Korean fashion and even Koreans talking about Koreans using their beauty products. Visit the blog.


Continuing the ongoing fascination with Asian beauty products and specifically, Korean beauty products is KhlerBlog, which gets its name from Korean, herb and blog (figures). It has a good influencer feed with an important focus on herb products that highlight beautifying effects and thoroughly reviews them with glee and obsession you probably will not get anywhere else. Visit the blog.

Sofie To Korea

The “train has yet to stop” when it comes to, as polyglot and cultural obsessive  Sofie To Korea points out, the Hallyu which is a term to denote “Korean wave”. And this wave is greatly expanded, explained and contextualized within her space as she not only tackles the Korean language but food, culture, and overall lifestyle, as well—of course, Korean beauty and skin products, included. Visit the blog.

My Korean Husband

No, this not a title for any kind of Korean TV show or novella, but a site called My Korean Husband, which is marketed as it is and gives pretty much…something else. The overall site is nice and well-intended, showcasing a life filled with intercultural values of husband and wife, but what you do not expect is the product they bring out as a way to document their relationship and learning (you might be surprised). Visit the blog.

Christina Hello

Over at Christina Hello, we get a Korean beauty blog that brings its focus to a more general audience as much as possible. It has reviews for just about a lot of female related products mostly and the reviews with zeal and enthusiasm that is hard to ignore and not support. Visit the blog.

Wee Gyspy Girl

You probably know what you are getting into if you read what happens over at Wee Gypsy Girl,  which is all fascinating and wonderful. It is predominantly a site that highlights the journey and travels of an English teacher abroad and the experiences that go into the process—quite interesting and the charming enthusiasm of the writer helps. Visit the blog.

Hannah International

The travel logs of  Hannah International, are full of her curious imaginations about the world around certain spaces. It helps a lot that the writer can speak multiple languages, and travel-wise, highlights all sorts of things from places, conditions of people around, and much more insight, depending on the topic or the subject matter in focus. Visit the blog.

Sora Belle

When it comes to high-quality Korean fashion and art design, you can certainly turn to Vicky Lee of Sora Belle, who has amassed a ton of expertise with regards to this subject or topic and with cultural connections to add more to the flame. Whether the topic is on fashion style, well-being, and travel, her opinion certainly is well informed (her philanthropy work and art ideas are noteworthy). Visit the blog.


Often described as a hardworking and passionate individual, JL Santiago Aquino’s Blog-Ph is a long-standing establishment over a decade in the making and still at it, producing high-quality content across multiple categories of lifestyle. Be it on the topic of food, drink, location, travel, fashion, design or entertainment, the reviews that come out from this space are second to none. Visit the blog.


Aided and supported by her conviction to better content and quality work, Teresa Martinez’s Tere Say is all but trivial. Just about anybody can ask a question that is general and sometimes off-putting, but it takes one good researcher and writer of content that delivers questions that appeal to a greater and more penetrable part of the human soul, which she does with almost laser-like accuracy across many different subject matters of lifestyle. Visit the blog.

In Conclusion

This is our choice at and they are, we believe, representative of what lifestyle blogs are in 2019 and what lifestyle blogs can be in the years to come.

More importantly, we have placed importance in the call and promotion of diversity and what a market with little borders can do not only in traffic but also in service.

Were you able to find a blog that resonates with your lifestyle? Or were you able to find a blog that resonates with you changing your current lifestyle?

How you follow a blog is just as important as you writing a lifestyle blog on your own—showcasing not only a relationship with the blogger but a consideration for what they believe in.

We hope that these choices we have brought up for consideration are helpful and drive home the message of change in you, as a person.






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